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Nanu Gupta
28 May 2024 at 23:40

Rent agreement- adhar card

The tenant has drafted the rent agreement and got it printed on the stamp paper. Next he will get it notarised. Does anybody require to submit their adhar card anywhere in this rent agreement process?


Sir / Madam,

Sanctioned loan amount including od limit: INR 5 crore.

Availed loan amount including od: INR 3.5 crore.

Are we liable to close all current accounts maintained at banks other than loan sanctioning bank?

vikas garg
28 May 2024 at 13:34

Distribution of property

My grand father died without leaving any will and he had 3 children ie 2 son and one daughter. My father and my uncle are living on one plot (half part each) on the name of my grandfather. Now my father want to distribute this half part plot to we 2 sons of my father. Further my father is not having good relations with my uncle and my father’s sister. Now how to distribute this part of plot in name of we 2 sons without bothering my uncle and father’s sister. Please guide.

Zara Mila

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Nidhi Kanabar
15 May 2024 at 15:17



whether drawal of foreign exchange by resident Indian for remittance of gift $20000 to grand daughter(NRI) is allowed under LRS scheme of FEMA Act 1999?

Reply at earliest



Can a construction Pvt. Ltd. . company purchase stamp paper valued at Rs. 15000 in cash.?

Can anybody help me out in this regard?

Thanks in advance.

30 April 2024 at 13:20

Regarding pf annual return

we are filing monthly PF and ESI return for proprietorship concern. is there any requirement for filing annual return? if yor answer is yes please give required form details and also guide me how to file the required forms in online. Please help in this matter. Thank you

k chakraborty

As per Section 63 of the Indian Partnership Act, 1932, a notice needs to be sent to the registrar of Firms if there's a change in the "constitution of the firm." My question is:

Do adjustments of terms among existing partners in a registered firm, through a supplementary or amendment deed (including profit-sharing ratio changes), qualify as a "change in constitution" requiring a notice to the Registrar of Firms, considering there's no admission of new partners or retirement of existing ones?


I have given my godown for 11 months leave and license agreement. I want that on agreement it is written that after expiry of 11 months this agreement will be renewed for another 11 months and after expiry of every 11 months this agreement will be renewed automatically if both licensor and licensee agree .Is this type of agreement valid in law? Please clarify?

S Ganesh

Note: Our Company is a Startup Company (Pvt Ltd)  with 18 Employees at present.  Our Director asks for suggestions:  1.  Get the EPF registration (or) 2. Contribute to Corporate NPS. 

Question:  1. Which one is Safe (Statutory need Purpose) for the Company in the Future? 2. Which one is better benefits to the employee and employer?   3. For Example Each Employee's Gross Salary is Rs.50,000/-  per month which one is cost-wise effective for the company?

Please guide me and also give your best suggestion.