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12 February 2021 at 00:01

Allotment of Share

The Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association of a company were delivered to the Registrar on 10 June for registration. On 15 June, the Registrar issued the Certificate of Incorporation but dated 10 June. The company made allotment of its share on 12 June. The allotment is challenged on the ground that it was made before the actual date of incorporation. Is the allotment of shares valid?

In a private company, two directors(husband & Wife) were there, in which, one of the director expired. What is the next procedure to transmit the shares and ROC Filing

Please guide me

04 February 2021 at 20:22

Acquisition of Shares

Hi Sir/Madam,

I want to know if a company purchase some shares from the other shareholder, is it required to keep a nominee shareholder as well because in this case a company is becoming a shareholder of another company. Let me draw a example to get it more clear
Example: Let say if Mr.A company purchased 10000 shares of Mr. small b (who is a shareholder of Mr. B company holding shares of 10000 out of total 20000 shares), in this case is it required for Mr.A company to keep a nominee shareholder (since a company is becoming a shareholder of another company).

Kindly let me know, it will be very helpful for me and thanks to everyone who left there answers here to enlighten me. It will great if you let me know the section or any provision regarding this.

Thank you.

Dear Sir,

i request to you please guide regarding Pvt. Ltd. Company shares transfer from NRI to NRI.
- what is procedure?
- Intimate to RBI?
- others

your co-operation will be highly appreciated.


23 January 2021 at 19:54


We  Established a software  company with two resident indian shareholders ( 99%  and 1% each one respectively). This software company has a 100% wholly owned subsidiary engaged in fdi not allowed agricultural and  construction of  farm house business. Now One Shareholder who had 1% willing to sell shares to Foregn Residents through FDI.In these circumstances,Is  FDI allowed in a software company which has an FDI prohibited subsidiary company?

Dear Team, I have lost all documents related to my shares in the company. I know my Folio no. What should I do?


05 January 2021 at 17:15


Hello. We are new startup. We have paid up capital of 1 lakh and authorised capital of 10 lakhs, face value is 10. Two directors with 50/50 split= 5000 shares each. Now we have an invester with 1 lakh rupees and we want to give 1000 shares to him. In Form SH4, under consideration recieved shud we mention as 1lakh rupees??

25 December 2020 at 23:12

Long term capital loss

I am having long term capital loss on listed shares in the financial year 2019-2020. Do I need to fill the schedule 112A or I can directly fill the Long term capital loss in schedule CG of itr 2? Is filling the schedule 112A mandatory?

03 December 2020 at 20:27

Equity Trading Ac operating of Relative

Hi Team Namaskar

I would like to know if I am providing equity trading ac operating services and trading on behalf of them to my relative only then should I be registered under SEBI.

thank you


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