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04 April 2020 at 19:42

Issue company share certification

the company after incorporate, and the shareholder put the money into company bank account.
is the share certification prepared by company? and company sealed and director signed on it will be enough´╝č
how to prove the share certification is true? is some where could found in gov website?
after paid the stamp duty on issue share, is the gov will delivery share certification?

03 April 2020 at 21:22

Company Incorporation

At the time of Company Incorporation through Spice+ , did we need to file Agile pro even if the company does not require to get registration under GST, EPFO AND ESIC and if yes then how we will proceed as their is no option in the form for EPF and ESIC that whether we want to get registration or not

Promoter died of listed company leaving a will. Legal heir mentioned in will want transmission and consolidation of equity share certificate. As per my understanding, transmission of equity share can be done without probate of will as per LODR... but what are compliance for consolidation of equity share certificate... Listed company has not dematerialize shares... Now company wants to dematerialize it... Please advise

I have a query related to Share Transfer- Kindly advice me on this.

There's a Pvt ltd co with 3 directors cum shareholders with ratio of 60:35:5. (Let's say A:B:C)

Now, B&C will go out and transfer 35+5 (total 40) percent shareholding towards new Director cum shareholder Mr. D and A will continue at 60percent.

To do this,

1. Should Incoming Director be taken on board first as additional director and ratify in the agm and then should the transfer take place?
2. Can we have transfer of shares to Mr. D even before he is taken on board and then follow additional director procedure
3. Does Issue of Right Shares or Private Placement come into picture here.

Kindly suggest me the best way to tackle the situation.

30 March 2020 at 13:19


do i need to file mgt-14 in case of resignation of managing director?

30 March 2020 at 02:31

Deferment of Depreciation

Considering the current situation of lockdown due to Covid-19, fixed assets purchased by the company will not be in use for a specific period of time (for 21 days as of now starting from 25th March'20.

Can we still claim depreciation in books as well as for tax purposes?

Or Can we defer the depreciation amount for the number of days during which the asset was not put in use.

Will the clause of obsolescence be applicable even during this phase?

27 March 2020 at 12:05

Resignation of All director

Whether all director can be resigned and new 3 director can be appointed in one board resolution?

Dear Sir/Madam,
Registered Partnership Firm in the State of Maharashtra had two partners. One Partner passed away. Registration effect to the Registrar of Firm has been duly made. Partnership Firm has landed property. Now to change the name on the Land record / 7/12 extract - Name of the Partnership Firm to be removed and the name of the remaining Partner (Individual) Registrar of Land record demands stamp duty for transfer of property.

As per Partnership Act - if one partner ceases as partner, Partnership gets dissolved and the remaining partner becomes the owner of the same. It is not the transfer of property by law.

Can you share some case laws in support of the same for non payment of stamp duty.


21 March 2020 at 13:53

Change in Tax Auditors - ROC

Ours is a private limited company. We want to change our Tax Auditors - CA for the AY 2020-21. What is the procedure & How much time it will take.

2) Shall it make any difference, if we do it now, or we do in April 2020.

Sir/Madam My query is if 2 individuals are shareholders of a private limited company holding 49% and 51% shares and are also directors of the same Company Will they be treated as Significant Beneficial Owner and Will the Company file BEN-2.

Thanks in Advance

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