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Rahul Raj
20 April 2024 at 09:20

Director Number

I have DIN and I have never been director of any company. I want to surrender my DIN. my question is whether I have to submit DIR 3 KYC before surrendering the DIN.

Nitesh kumar
11 April 2024 at 14:41

MGT-14 of MCA

I submitted a MGT-14 for alternation of object clause as on 4th April but unfortunately it is showing as under process till now........

07 April 2024 at 10:11


My NCLT petition was marked defective due to wrong case type, I tried to correct the case type by going through refiling section and editing the originally filed petition. However after selecting the case type "restoration application", a main case type section pops up which I am required to fill the case number. Though I have no idea what case number is to be filled there. Can anybody help?

Jayalakshmi Ramasamy
04 April 2024 at 11:29

Borrowing for audit committee

Dear Sir,

The criteria mentioned for audit committee applicability for private co. is Rs.50 crores as per companies act 2013 and rules thereunder.
My query is which items shall the borrowings be taken under the head borrowings, if short term borrowings, long term borrowings , trades payables, short term provisions, other current liabilities like advance received from clients, security deposit, statutory liabilities are included under borrowings.

Kindly advise .

Thank you in advance.

03 April 2024 at 17:02


Hello Wish You Happy FY 2425
Required format of section 8 MOA and AOA
plz email on bhaljaca@rediffmail.com

02 April 2024 at 17:28

DSC in DIR-6 and ROC change for LLP

An LLP registered with Pune ROC has 2 partners (husband & wife). Both partners have updated their last name (through Gazette notification). They also recently relocated from Pune to Bangalore due to family emergency.

It is understood that changes in the director's details (name and address) needs to be notified to MCA via form DIR-6.

Query #1: DIR-6 notification to MCA
The DSC that was in the old name of the director has already expired. If the director takes a new DSC in the new name, can it be used to sign the DIR-6 form? I believe it can't be registered with MCA, since MCA still has the old name of the director on its records. The new name has already been updated in Aadhaar so the DSC can't be renewed with old name. Can the DSC in the new name work for DIR-6 submission?

Query #2: Regd. office change
While the partners have relocated from Pune to Bangalore, the registered office of the LLP continues to be in Pune. Can the registered office be left as-it-is in Pune or should it be moved to Bangalore ROC with a Bangalore registered office address? Are there any legal implications if the registered office and partners are located within different ROC states?

Thank you for the guidance.

30 March 2024 at 21:17

Increase Authorized Capital

Date of Incorporation: 28/09/2012, a private limited company wants to increase its authorized capital. It has only hard copy of MOA. So how to get e-MOA and how to increase its authorized capital. Please share the details procedure.
Thank You.



IF any company has passed a Board Resolution which says that the company has authorized following officials who are severally or jointly authorized to sign the documents related to loan provided by NBFC.

Then NBFC requires the KYC documents of all the persons whose names mentioned in BR or only that person who has signed the documents ??

Please clarify with reference.

Ppk K


How can Sandeep Toshniwal hold board of 75 listed companies, when the maximum limit is 10 in case of public companies?

Kavita R

What happens if a partner dies in a partnership firm, which is a member of the private limited company and that the partnership firm is reconstituted with new members do we have to issue a fresh certificate stating the new partners or just that replace the name of the deceased partner with the new partner. please advise urgently.

Thanks in advance.