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hello sir/mam,
can any one can tell me what to fill in old article registeration number and new unique reg no in declaration form and what exactly is the difference between both.
CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE - (For Intermediate and IPCC)
November, 2020
I hereby certify that Mr./Ms
presently serving under me as an articled assistant/audit
assistant, will be in service as on 1st November, 2020 serving the last six months of training and his/her due
date of completion (including excess leave, if any) will be i.e. on or before
30th April, 2021 as per deed of articles.
Old Article Regn.No -------------------------. New UniqueReg----------------------

06 August 2020 at 15:46




05 August 2020 at 11:42

Certificate of Service

Im a CA Final student appearing for Nov'20 attempt.
I have filed Form 108 with excess leaves of 30 days and hve not yet re registered for articleship and hve decided to do the same post exams.
Kindly assist which Certificate of service I should upload for exam application.

29 July 2020 at 18:41

Notes required

Please provide notes for below subjects of CPA Australia
• Better Practice in Governance and Accountability
• Global Strategy and Leadership

17 July 2020 at 01:36

Termination of Articleship

i am a direct entry converted from cpt route .can I appear for nov 2020 exams if i have terminated my articleship becoz of lockdown and I have not completed 9 months of service

I am a student of inter nov 2020(cleared fond in nov 2019).Had applied for both groups in registration during feb 2020. But now want to appear for only one group i.e. G-1. Exam form is yet to be filled.
So is there any option given in exam form to apply for any one group.?
And what will happen if I appear for only one group. How will my marksheet will be shown (would include details for both group or only for the group for which I appeared?)

19 June 2020 at 20:23

Not avail OPT out scheme

If i want to appear july exam and dont want to avail the opt out scheme , then do i require to submit any form .

11 June 2020 at 10:07

Queries regarding ICAI Awards


I wanted to inquire about the following in relation to awards / medals / certificates given by ICAI after each attempt:

1. What is the criteria to get an award for the highest marks in an individual subject? Is it a criterion that a candidate will receive award for subject highest in any of the 8 subjects only if he / she has appeared for both groups in that particular attempt?

2. Is there a special award for someone who has scored 100/100 in any paper? Is there any additional criterion required?

3. Is there an award for getting highest total marks in a Group? If yes, is it mandatory that such award is given only if both groups are attempted in that particular attempt?

Request you to give a response to the above queries.

07 May 2020 at 15:16

Need advice

I am 26 yr old CA final student (old course) with only Group 2 pending. I couldn't clear my First 2 attempts in May 2017 and Nov 2017 because i had taken my classes way to early at the start of my articleship and was not able to balance between office and studies due to which i couldn't remain in touch with the updations / changes that got introduced in between this period . So after Nov 2017 attempt i decided to drop the next attempt . I redesigned my whole approach, studied harder , took classes again , gave mock tests and appeared for my Nov 2018 attempt ( group 1 only ) and cleared it !

Since this approach worked fantastically , i chose to adopt the same for group2 as well and started my prep last year in 2019. But because 2 yrs had passed by , in order to remain relevant with the requirements of job market i started getting myself certified in various topics which were new in the industry like - GST . IFRS/IND AS etc.

Now , i have scheduled to give group 2 in May 2020 which got postponed to August 1st week . And seeing the condition, there is a possibility that exams may get postponed further. So , since i only have work experience related to my articleship and since a lot of time has passed by , i fear of losing out on job opportunities. So , in this regard - should i take up job right away and continue with my CA final journey and will this be a good decision to take as my CA final last group pending attempt being just a few months away... or should i first give my group2 and then go for job ???

Please advice ...!!

Sir / Madam,
I am student from old course now converted in Intermediated New Syllabus in April-2020, I have already completed my Articleship in 2000, but not cleared any of the group of IPCC, my queries are :
1. can i give the intermediate exam in Nov-2020 ?
2. it is mandatory for me to complete ICITSS, and if yes
3. It must be completed before exam in Nov-2020.
4. is Articleship also re-join again? (as i have already complete in 2000).

Please clarify.

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