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jignesh sitapara
This Query has 1 replies

This Query has 1 replies

08 December 2022 at 19:21

Regarding Tax Audit REPORT

Which last date for upload tax audit report for F.Y. 2021-22 and which last date related ITR ? 31st December or 31 March ?
Please help me.

Shankar Rao
This Query has 3 replies

This Query has 3 replies

08 December 2022 at 14:54

TDS on Travelling bill to consultant

Dear Sir,

One of our consultant bill provided towards consultancy charges this expenses TDS applicable-10%.

As well as consultant claimed travelling and conveyance charges in separate bill for this expenses TDS applicable or not? please clarify.

kollipara sundaraiah
This Query has 1 replies

This Query has 1 replies

08 December 2022 at 10:34

Notice sec 133(6) f.y.20-21.

A gst registered it returns non filed dealer notice sec 133(6) received in f.y.2021.
1.confirmation sales transaction rs:18,34,000/- by you to xxx xxx pvt ltd.
2.copy of itr filed f.y 20-21 statement
Sec 133(6) notice reason and notice received after another procedure.

Yogesh C
This Query has 3 replies

This Query has 3 replies

08 December 2022 at 00:54

Duplicate 26QB Acknowledgment number

I generated form 26QB to make a offline payment through bank and i got acknowledgment number for same.. The bank refused to make a payment and asked me to do it online by myself, now I went to e-portal and freshly filled form 26QB and made the payment online.. now this generated one more acknowledgment number.
After this, if I go to Traces to download the form 26QB, it is still referring to old acknowledge number and saying the payment is not made.. Can you guys please guide me to generate the 26QB with new acknowledgment number please?

This Query has 1 replies

This Query has 1 replies

07 December 2022 at 22:40

Equity Holder and Consultant


I am joining a startup as a equity holder (let’s say 1%) along with a yearly remuneration.

Now can I take remuneration as a Consultant Professional Fees ?

If Yes, What kind of taxes am I liable to pay.

Please advise on possibility of working as a consultant in a private limited company.

This Query has 1 replies

This Query has 1 replies

07 December 2022 at 20:46

Revised return after response to 143(1)(a)

For the Assessment Year 2022-23, Mr A received an email regarding proposed Adjustments under section 143(1)(a) from cpc-income tax india regarding the deduction claimed under section 80GG for which aform 10BA was not filed.
Assesse discovered there are other errors in the filed return that needs correction. He also discovered that 80GG was selected in error.
In response to 143(1)(a), he agrees to proposed Adjustments. He also wants to file the revised return to correct the other errors in the return.
Q.1 can he do so? Can he revise the return after agreeing to proposed Adjustments u/s 143(1)(a)?
Q.2 The option to file the revised return is not showing in his e-portal? What can he do in such a case?

This Query has 9 replies

This Query has 9 replies

Dear sir,
one of our client is having agriculture land which is 10 km away from municipal limit. now the assessee has converted the land into plots. i.e he has converted the capital assets into stock in trade. His first registry is done on 11/12/2021. The profit upto the date of conversion will be taxed as capital gain and thereafter as profit and gains from business. Now my query is what should be the conversion rate should it be DLC rate as on 31/03/2021 of Agriculture land in bigas or DLC rate as per Plots to decide the exempt capital gain.

This Query has 1 replies

This Query has 1 replies

Mr X received gift ( Resi.Plot ) from his daughters husband.

Daughters husband had purchases such plot of Rs 5 lakh &at the time of gift govt value of such plot is 15 lakh.
I have question that what will be the tax in the hand of Mr X after receiving the gift from daughters husband ?

& what will be the tax in the hand of daughters husband after giving the gift to his father in law ?

Prakash Joshi
This Query has 5 replies

This Query has 5 replies

07 December 2022 at 17:58

Tax planning Intt on home loan

Dear Friends,
A and B are husband wife. A is working in a Pvt co while B is a housewife.
They purchased a society flat in Noida in Joint name and A took a home loan of 15 lacs from ICICI bank both are joint applicant. They have taken possession of the flat in 2017 and since then it has been let out. The rent is transferred by the tenant in their joint account.

A files his ITR showing salary income plus rent received from Noida Flat and B also files her ITR for her interest income but not taxable.
The home loan will finish in Aug 2025. But A wants to close the loan in 2023-24. As the interest on home loan is now not much.

A sought an advice for the following query:

Suppose in 2023 A close this home loan.
Post prepayment of home loan can A show the house rent income in her wife B's ITR or 50-50% in the ITR or both A and B to minimize the tax burden.( As a result of this the rent income and deduction for home loan interest will nullified to some extent). or even now prior to closure of home loan.

Thanks & regards
PC Joshi

Karthikeyan S
This Query has 1 replies

This Query has 1 replies

07 December 2022 at 12:14

Tds ducted

I plan to renew my cognos analytics software; can any ducted tds kindly advise

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