Ashim kr Ray
04 December 2023 at 18:25

Income from partnershipfirm


I am partner in partnership firm and Income receive only from this two firms and no other income.
I want to know whether i can claim depreciation from that income and other indirect expenses.

04 December 2023 at 13:48

SFT reporting

Whether SFT reporting is applicable to a multi state co-operative society engaged in credit facility.

04 December 2023 at 12:27

TDS Applicable Section and Rate


Social Media Content Creation Payment Rs. 49000, Which Section TDS applicable or Rate of TDS

Plz guide me

Thanking you,

04 December 2023 at 10:55


Let us know if We received 1st time Professional Fees Bill Amt Rs. 25000/- we do not deducted TDS & for the Next Period we received 2nd time Bill Amt Rs. 25000/-
So my question is in which amount we deduct the TDS 25000 OR 50000/-?

Arun Verma

Hi While filling Form 26QB I'm seeing few queries
Total Sales Consideration is 66 lacs
date of Agreement : 20th Oct 2023
Tentative date of Registry : 5th Dec 2023

My Wife has paid 5L to first Seller and 5 Lac to Second Seller on 20th Oct
I have paid 5L to first Seller and 5 Lac to Second Seller on 4th Nov
Balance 45,34 Lac will be paid through Joint Home Loan after adjusting TDS amount of 66000 on 5th December 2023
my queries are as below:
1. No of 26QB ? Do we need to file 8 TDS forms or 4 TDS Forms?
2. interest calculation of TDS in my wife's 26QB against payment made in Oct 2023, As i have not deducted TDS at that time (I was not aware)
3. interest calculation of TDS in my 26QB against payment made in Nov 2023, As i have not deducted TDS at that time (I was not aware)
4. What value should I fill in "Total Value of Consideration" --- 33 lac ?
5. What value should I fill in "Total Stamp duty Value of Property" ---- 16.5 lacs?
6. What Payment Type should I consider : Installment/ Lumpsum ?


Kinjal Thakkar
03 December 2023 at 13:54

Surrender of PAN card of private limited

I had a private limited company which is changed to a LLP. I need to surrender the PAN card of private limited company. Can u please share the formats/ drafts of affidavit or Indemnity bond to be submitted to AO

Dilpreet kaur
02 December 2023 at 23:43

Arear received by NRI

Can nri claim relief under section 89 and if yes is there any liability to be follow in case of NRI. What are key points to keep in mind while filing such return

Shambhavi Sabarish

Just as u/s 32 where "use" could mean actual use or ready for intended use, even in the case u/s 31 for repairs of plant and machinery does the word "use" have the same two meanings as given for depreciation?

In such case if I have a plant and machinery ready for its intended use but I have not actually used it in the year even for a single day, then can I claim any repairs incurred on it as deduction in such previous year, by considering it as passive use?

Does passive use always mean "ready for intended use" or does it also mean irregular use?


Due to any exigencies if a society is unable to file Form 10BB and ITR of the current year so my query is what would the late fees applicable at the time of filing of Form 10BB & ITR?

kollipara sundaraiah

A person (son) buying a property name mother value rs:60 lacs
Rs:20 lacs amount pay to son
Rs:40 lacs amount pay to mother
Above mentioned property buying transaction benami act applicable.