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The recent announcement of ICAI regarding postponement of exams came as a breather for the students who are going to appear in the upcoming May 2019 exams. Good news for all! Look at our dear Institute. It came with a notification earlier of commencement of exams as per normal schedule. The stude..

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Being a student of CA Final, you are aware that pattern of assessment in select subjects has been changed from May 2019 examination. Under the revised pattern of assessment, specific weightage for objective type of questions has been given. Such objective type of questions would be in the nature of ..

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I have heard from many students who are not getting articleship in top firms (not mediocre firms), after Nov-18 results So here are the pass percentages of May 18 and Nov 18.    Don't focus on percentage. See the number of students who were willing to get article..

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CA is a course which I would like to compare with a 'Shopping Mall'. This might seem funny, but I'll try and justify the same…So, Can you visualise and describe the public place called 'Shopping mall'?Financially weak person will visualise them with words such as '..

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At what age do we start making our own decisions and adapt our life according to it?? Well, you will say that it depends on an individual's choice, circumstances and many other factors. We do not realize but we make choices at each and every step of our lives and each choice leads to a decision ..

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A CA student can also Dream!

  Gargi Rai    11 March 2019 at 11:02

Do you think there ever would be the right time? Someday you will hear a knock on your door and there it is standing .The Right Time'. Surprised or not, I don't think it works that way: Not for you, Not for anyone. That's the most essential thing when it comes to you as a CA Student, ..

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Chartered Accountancy exams are very demanding. Most important, the exams require a single headed focus and consistent efforts. Since May 2019 exams are around the corner, I thought of sharing some valuable tips. I have written these tips from my experience during preparation of CA Intermediate e..

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There are many definitions of success which we all have heard over the time frame. For everyone the meaning of success can be different for some it can be that I have to win in every situation of life no matter whatever the cost of such success may be, for some it could be to give the best in every ..

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Answer to the Brainstorming Problems: Direct Tax Amendments for May 2019/Nov 2019 Examinations Part 5, 1. Brainstorming Practical - Saurashtra Cement Ltd. Before amendment made by Finance Act, 2018-the amount received by the assessee towards compensation for sterilization of the profit ea..

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My last few years of journey into angel investing have been amazing. Especially, for me, they have been an eye opener. A complete realization of how wrong our notions are as Seniors / experienced people. I am running in my mid-fifties now, and just about few years ago, while I was knocking the do..

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