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There are powers granted under Article 279A(4)(f) of the constitution, the GST Council can levy a special tax during any natural calamity or disaster. In order to raise additional revenue from GST, central government was considering imposing a Calamity Cess on GST @ 1% to tide over the economic crisis.

Posted in GST |   260 Views

How are Dividends Taxed?

  Deepesh Jagwani    25 May 2020 at 10:10

Finance Act 2020 abolishe dividend distribution to tax shifts the burden of tax on dividend over the shareholders. Finance Act proposes for moving towards classical system of taxing dividends in the hands of shareholders/unitholders. The dividend is income in the hands of shareholders and not a company. Therefore, the incidence of tax should fall on the shareholders.

Posted in Income Tax  1 comments |   1625 Views

How can CA firms go digital?

  mansi    25 May 2020 at 10:09

Due to the current challenging situation the whole world is facing, as a CA who is working somewhere or a CA  who is running his/her own firm, it is particularly important to analyze your firm’s digital quotient and make it tech-savvy.

Posted in Info Technology  2 comments |   639 Views

Also, in Blockchain one can trace the whole transaction from the start to its end. All the transactions linked together. And if anyone tries to hack or make mischief in any one transaction the whole block of a chain will be affected.

Posted in Info Technology  2 comments |   1413 Views

A deduction is available under Section 80DD of the I-T Act to a resident taxpayer, if he has incurred expenses for medical treatment, training, and rehabilitation of a dependant parent, with disability

Posted in Taxpayers  1 comments |   327 Views

Extension of the cheque's validity span has now become the need of ours in this crucial time. It will be more helpful to small vendors, creditors, and many other corporate companies and also to all business models. Hope the government will understand this serious matter and take the necessary step to boost up the activities and once again the economic engine will be back on track.

Posted in Professional Resource  2 comments |   272 Views

Is No Cost EMI really no cost?

Posted in Others |   376 Views

Our mind is like a chatterbox, there is chit chat going on every time. When we are working on something and doubt in our mind rises, that single thought of doubt gives rise to 100 alike thoughts and analysis regarding all the possibilities of why that stuff won't work and we are left depressed about the situation.

Posted in Students  12 comments |   532 Views

Even if machines can perform all the calculations or initial audit-related tasks, someone would be needed to verify that AI is doing its task correctly and is not faulty. Instead of being a victim of technophobia, let's work in harmony with technology as the amalgamation of both can reap Fruitful results.

Posted in Info Technology  3 comments |   259 Views

Purchasing property- Nightmare in India

Posted in Income Tax |   203 Views

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