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1. RATE OF EXCHANGE OF CONVERSION INTO INDIAN CURRENCY OR VICE VERSA WITH EFFECT FROM 3rd MAY, 2019 TO 16th MAY 2019 (Notification No. 35/2019-Customs (N.T) dated 02.05.2019)

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Know how you can get 5-7% rebate on your Service exports by the Government of India. This article includes Nature of Rewards, Eligibility Criteria and the services eligible for SEIS scheme.

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Importation of Good in India

  CA. Sakshi Singh    25 September 2018 at 11:05

Globalisation refers to the growing economic interdependence of countries across the globe through the increasing volume and variety of cross-border transaction..

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e-SANCHIT Under Customs - A Brief Note

  PRABHAKAR KS    29 January 2018 at 11:16

The Central Board of Excise & Customs (CBEC) has launched e- SANCHIT on a pilot basis from 20th October 2017 for paperless processing, uploading of supporti

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Abolishment of IEC under GST

  Anjali Gorsia    16 June 2017 at 11:01

IEC TO BE ABOLISHED; GSTIN TO BE IN FUTURE..... In this article author discuss the change in IEC with the introduction of GST w.e.f. (the notified

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The earlier stage of prosecution guidelines of 1999 as well as the new prosecution guidelines issued in 2015 contain various references to avoid any undue delay..

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Comedy of corruption! The curious case of Sale Tax Department

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Rule 16A is a clarificatory provision clarifying the position of law which already exists in the form of Section 75 under the Customs Act and therefore, will have retrospective effect.

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CBEC has issued Notification No. 44/2016-Customs and Circular No 35/2016-Customs dated 29.7.2016 to amend 52/2003 to revise Warehousing Procedure

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