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The key to a building a successful business is to ensure that your employees are well taken care of. Doing so not only ensures the retention of talented employees, but also helps create and build a strong foundation for your company's future. Going to the office shouldn't be synonymous w..

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How To Choose The Right Mutual Fund

  Guest    08 August 2019 at 11:27

The best way to make some extra money is to save some money and make it work for you. One such way to make your money work for you is by investing in mutual funds. As an investor, you can follow this guide to choosing the right mutual funds in India that works best in your interest. 1. S..

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Mutual Funds vs Exchange Traded Funds

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Investing funds is a proven way to growing your capital to meet your future fund requirements. Investing can help protect your capital from inflation and also grow it because of the compounding effect. Whether the investment provides inflation beating returns depends on where the funds are invested...

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Mutual Funds involve a series of paperwork which acts as proof, security or reference in the future. In the Mutual Fund market, investors make transactions such as buy, sell or switch shares on a frequent basis for which they need to have a record. Who safeguard the records of Mutual Fund Compani..

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Sharing operational numbers of a PSU company. It will be an interesting read for people who are dug deep in capital markets and who invariably talk about value investing. It is also an eye opener on how Governments can be so short-sighted and will do everything that destroys the wealth of such enter..

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Fixed Asset Record (FAR) 'Is an FA register available? Does it contain individual asset level details? Can we track the original purchase records like Purchase Order and vendor Invoice with the help of the register? Does it contain Gross Block Value of the asset and the date of addition? Does..

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India's capital market watchdog barks again! The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) notified rule including probability of default (PD) benchmarks in a bid to strengthen the revelations made by credit rating agencies to improve the rating standards. The new guidelines are in additi..

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Let us start this article by understanding some basic terminologies; What is illegal money? By the term illegal money we can understand the money which has been obtained from doing illegal activities (proceeds of crim ) like Murder, Extortion, bribery, Drug trafficking, Kidnapping etc. The pro..

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When Sana started her farm-to-fork café about a year ago, she didn't imagine the enormous success her café would achieve. Since the café was going well, she thought of giving it a legal existence - getting it registered under a suitable law. She researched about various form..

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Every business requires capital to grow. Capital is the fuel on which businesses run. One of the reasons for failure of a start-up is that they run out of cash early in their life-cycle. Funding helps accelerate the pace of growth, in marketing & expansion of business and in getting the right re..

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