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This article analyses on CIBIL or Credit Score

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Whenever an individual approaches a bank/financial institution to avail loans or credit card, the bank will be concerned about the repayment capacity of the individual. The repayment capacity can be traced from the loan or credit card repayment history of the individual.

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Most of you may be reading, listening to the news on Punjab Maharashtra Co-operative Bank's failure and would broadly be aware as to how a co-operative bank

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In every walks of life, we come across a situation where we receive an unsigned business letter/Receipt/Advice which bears the legend 'This letter/Report Advice is computer generated and therefore does not require any signature', or similar to that. I think it is the best route for the originator to escape.

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The Complete guide series has been started to enlighten budding entrepreneurs, startups, investors in relation on restaurant industry, towards the field of Accounts, Taxation and several inputs, recommendations, suggestions provided by some of the entrepreneurs in the said industry.

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How can you create a smooth and enjoyable learning experience? How can you create a strategy that will help you sail through this journey of 3 years?

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DT Amendments - Ordinance 2019

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The 5G to Rs.5 trillion Economy

  Indraneel Sen Gupta    26 September 2019 at 10:49

There is has been a big debate on the Rs.5trillion economy dream of India within the next 5 years. Well, the current economic scenario may not suggest us to dream but IFAN finds it to be an opportunity for India under the current circumstances to grow into a 5 trillion economy.

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FAQs on UDIN for CMA

  Guest    19 September 2019 at 12:38

What is Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN)? What is the objective of UDIN? Ans. Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN) is an 18-Digits system generated unique number for to be entered on every document certified/attested by Practicing Cost Accountants/CMAs.

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The news of Indian Economy facing a crisis came as a matter of both surprise and dismay to me. Especially because I was expecting that India is now in a roadmap to become a 5 trillion dollar economy. It just makes me wonder what has hit our economy so hard?

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