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With the rapid digitization of our world, the role of CFO has drastically evolved over the last few years. Most CFOs today have significant impact on boardroom decisions, which in turn demands that finance teams make faster, smarter and fact based decisions. Most organizations report that they ha..

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DSC - Digital Signature Certificate, as the name implies, is used to sign electronic documents digitally and DSC comes in different types or classes broadly classified into 3 classes, viz. Class - 1, Class - 2, Class - 3. Class - 2 & Class - 3 types of DSC are issued by a Certifyin..

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Financial reporting is a key task for all businesses. While most businesses know that their financial reporting is getting sluggish, they may be unable to take the right actions to correct it mostly due to other priorities. The pressure to produce accurate reports and handle data correctly is hi..

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In today's business context, life of a CFO is that of the radar as well as the captain of a moving ship. Today's CFO is expected to contribute well beyond the traditional role of cost management and operational controls. The CFO needs to play a delicate balancing act across multiple dimensions, some..

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Statutory reporting consumes a significant amount of time, effort and cost. The statutory reporting function is constantly evolving as organizations look to further streamline their finance function through technology transformation and other cost-cutting initiatives. Manually prepared reports prese..

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Today's business context and priorities call for CFO's to have access to their organization's financial performance reports at all times. An effective CFO will detect financial performance trends early in the cycle, analyze the same in light of the various dynamics involved and initiate ..

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We are in a golden age for technology. The new disruptive products and services that are emerging each day create profound changes in every corner of the business world. And technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, cognitive technologies and robotic process automat..

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If you are someone who is diligently following global economy & trending topics, then it's certain that you must have heard of one word “Bitcoin”. Starting from financial agencies, governments, regulating authorities, e-media & other experts, are frequently discussing about t..

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Ration cards are documents created by the State Government and shared with the public containing their personal details. These documents vary across various Indian states but they serve the same purpose. People with ration cards are eligible for varying state subsidies. Furthermore, ration cards are..

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In this highly IT-enabled compliance environment, professionals like CA CS CMA are still struggling to get suitable system requirements fulfilled for various filings at Income Tax website, MCA website, GST website, DGFT website, ESI PF websites, and the list will continue to endless. Every govern..

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