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We at TopconnectO recognized early on that the biggest challenge for self-employed professionals is often getting their name in front of their potential customer or client.

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With the rapid digitisation of our world, the role of CFO has drastically evolved over the last few years. Most CFOs today have significant impact on boardroom ..

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DSC � Digital Signature Certificate, as the name implies, is used to sign electronic documents digitally and DSC comes in different types or classes broad

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Financial reporting is a key task for all businesses. While most businesses know that their financial reporting is getting sluggish, they may be unable..

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In today�s business context, life of a CFO is that of the radar as well as the captain of a moving ship. Today�s CFO is expected to contribute well

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Statutory reporting consumes a significant amount of time, effort and cost. The statutory reporting function is constantly evolving as organizations look to fur..

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Today's business context and priorities call for CFO's to have access to their organization's financial performance reports at all times. An e

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We are in a golden age for technology. The new disruptive products and services that are emerging each day create profound changes in every corner of the busine..

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If you are someone who is diligently following global economy & trending topics, then it�s certain that you must have heard of one word �Bitcoin

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Ration cards are documents created by the State Government and shared with the public containing their personal details. These documents vary across various Ind..

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