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FAQ for CA firms reg ICAI Portal

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Frequently Ask Questions (Firms) 1. How to create login and Password. Ans. Please go to our website and you will find SSP portal you create your login ID and password. 2. How to reset the password. Ans: You go to the forget password there you create your fresh login id and passw..

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Technological advancements in the accounting department are at its peak. Such developments aim to make work easier for humans. There are a number of companies that have stepped back from using these technologies. They refrain from changing the old ways of work. This is due to an old myth that m..

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'CA' is just two letters. Two letters so simple yet so powerful that when you put in front of a name it not only represents a professional qualification it represents Will Power, Dedication , Intelligence and the ability to march on come what may. To the rest of the world these two lette..

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The founding and the first member of ICAI is Mr. Gopaldas P. Kapadia. He was also the first President of ICAI with the longest reign in the history of ICAI from 1949 to 1952 He was issued a member certificate in the year 1950. As it is compulsory in the CA course to undergo the compulsory Arti..

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.style3 { font-weight: bold; } .style4 { text-align: justify; font-sizee: 11pt; } .style5 { text-decoration: none; } The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a UK based prime accounting body that was establishedin1904. ACCA is a global qualification for Chartered ..

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According to the facts released by ICAI, until April 2018 there are 1,32,480 CA firms. Having a CA firm is the dream of many Chartered Accountants, but little do they know how much blood and sweat goes into managing a CA practice. I'm sure CAs who are running their practice would understand the ..

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Many of you must be wondering as to why I quit a successful CA practice for a mere passion? Some of you may be admiring me for this, but many of you must be thinking that I am a fool. Why somebody would quit a one crore CA practice just to write! Well, I will tell you why I did this and why I wanted..

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Started pursuing Chartered Accountancy course in 2011, the initial few days of preparation for CA IPCC, introduced with the Revised Schedule VI newly notified under the Companies Act 1956. Having just learned the name and numbers of accounting standards as a commerce stream student, it was quite dif..

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In an exclusive interview with the founder of Simplify Practice Mr. Veerendar Jamdade, we got to know about his exclusive venture and his idea behind it. He is a technocrat with over 31 years of experience, started his career as Industrial Engineer at SKF Bearing India Ltd. and is currently the f..

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Needless to say, the professional credibility of a Chartered Accountant is often gauged and evaluated by the number of clients he or she is working with. Although, CA, as a profession is a high paying career choice, there are many aspects that need to be taken care of for an individual to get hold o..

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