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Introduction According to Regulation 55A (1) of SEBI (Depositories and Participants) Regulations, 1996, every issuer company who has issued any of its security whether shares, debentures or any other, on a recognized stock exchange, is mandatorily required to submit the detail..

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The changing business environment and the complexities in the business has resulted in the changing role of accountant. The expectation of accountant has increased manifold. They are expected to provide consultancy, assurance & certification activities. The clients are not restricted to within t..

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In this era of the internet and computers, data analysis has become the most sought-after profession. Every field in the industry concerns the analysis of data in one form or the other. The financial sector is one of the critical industrial sectors that place great importance on data. Hence..

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Yes, you can easily get a job in the Big 4s even if you haven't learned anything TILL NOW. Why have I written 'Till Now' in capital letters? Because you still have enough time (no matter how much time is left in the completion of your articleship) before you appear for an interview..

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In today's world where technology has a solution for everything, even the accountancy sector hasn't remained untouched. Accounting software has created the fear that one day accountants will become obsolete. AI has made working more efficient and easier in every sector. The rate a..

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Organisations of all kinds look for talented individuals who have the potential to run their operations smoothly and maximize their growth prospects. Not only are strong leaders yearned for by every organisation, they are harder to find as well. That is why management has evolved as a full-fled..

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CA vs MBA is a debate that seems to have been around for ages. Members of the CA fraternity fly into indignation if they are told that an MBA dwarfs their qualification. There is an inferiority complex that pervades the CA community, one that makes most of them feel that MBAs are a bunch of good for..

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Server means a person or thing that serves. Another meaning of server is that a computer or computer program which manages access to a centralized resources or services in a network. As per Section 2(24) of Companies Act, 2013, Company Secretary (CS) means a Company Secretary as defined in Sectio..

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How to apply for Job Change?

  ISHITA SAXENA    01 August 2019 at 11:15

Compared to our parents who typically stayed in a job all their life, our generation tends to keep moving! At the beginning of our career, we all want to learn, develop our skills and it is always advisable to switch jobs after 2-3 years before you get into the so called 'COMFORT ZONE'. ..

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The govt. has enacted Sec 132 in Companies Act 2013 that empowers the NFRA to interfere and disturb the register of members kept under the Chartered Accountants Act 1949. This is totally ultra vires the constitution and civil rights guaranteed thereunder. Similar defective provision was made under S..

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