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The Myth about CS Course

  N.Vimal Kumar Jain    31 October 2019 at 10:50

In this article, we will try to figure out the way in Five simple points and remove such myth which is getting spread day by day and help you all to understand what it takes to clear CS Exam with my own experience.

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The government of India recently announced Startup India action plan to meet the requirements of this initiative.

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Having been engaged in Practice made me analyze some of the situations we are often stuck in. What I am going to write ahead is a little compilation of inferences drawn out of my own experiences and that of others. I have tried to find out the possible solutions as well. Hope it will help the readers.

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The certification is required to be given on quarterly basis after being certified from the practicing CS or a qualified CA by the issuer company to the concerned recognized stock exchange.

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Section wise key highlights of revised code of ethics

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An Executive MBA in Business Analytics is an excellent qualification to have. The Executive MBA is one such course that can upgrade the skill set of Chartered Accountants.

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Job in Big4 with no learning in articleship, Yes you can easily get a job in the Big 4s even if you haven't learned anything TILL NOW.

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Accounting software�has created the fear that one day accountants will become obsolete. AI has made working more efficient and easier in every sector.

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Organisations of all kinds look for talented individuals who have the potential to run their operations smoothly and maximize their growth prospects. Not only a..

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CA vs MBA is a debate that seems to have been around for ages. Members of the CA fraternity fly into indignation if they are told that an MBA dwarfs their quali..

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