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Impact of lease rentals and interest free deposits under Ind AS 116

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ESOP's Taxation and Accounting in India

  Mohit Dasarda    19 February 2020 at 10:17

This is my approach to explain the ESOPs Accounting, Taxation & Compliance in simpler terms.

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In the earlier article we had seen basics of Indian Accounting standards (IND AS), Now in this article you will be able to read about IND AS 1- Presentation of Financial Statements

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Top Five Software for an Accounting Firm

  Arpit Tandon    13 December 2019 at 12:59

Choosing appropriate software for your accounting firm is a tedious task. Every accounting firm has a different set of requirements. Some require built-in MIS Reporting; others need different functionalities in their practice management software.

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Impact of adoption of IFRS/Ind AS

  Atul khurana    13 December 2019 at 11:21

This article is intended to make you understand the major impact both in terms of advantages and disadvantages of the adoption of Converged IFRS i.e Indian Accounting standards (Ind AS) on the financial statements and the working of the companies both.

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Fraud typically involves misrepresentation of facts, either by withholding critical information or providing false statements to another party for the specific purpose of gaining something. Although fraud comes in different forms, it can be categorized primarily into asset misappropriation, financial statement fraud, and corruption.

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With over four decades of association with the accounting profession, having witnessed phenomenal changes in the environment, expectations, opportunities and risks associated with the accountant�s role, due to the entry of computers in business organizations, I felt it appropriate to share my views here, for the benefit of young and budding Chartered Accountants.

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Recent cases invoking "Going Concern"

  S.Sridhar    22 November 2019 at 10:31

Read these three recent instances where the principle of Going concern was invoked: Bharti Airtel Limited Vodafone Idea Limited New Delhi Televisions Limited..

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Accounting and bookkeeping are interrelated terms and are inseparable parts of any business. While accounting is a broader and analytical term, bookkeeping is its subdivision and just a part of it. Here�s highlighting the differences between the two.

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Cleaning of Books of Accounts and their Worship on the eve of Diwali

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