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These are unprecedented times for businesses. How to stay afloat in adverse circumstances is the thought troubling many entrepreneurs. Those who can weather this storm by minimizing losses will stand to gain in the long term.

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The ISO 9001 is known to be one of the top standards for quality management systems and recognized globally for its efficiency with businesses.

Posted in Professional Resource  5 comments |   641 Views

there are some cities in India that have the potential of turning your gold investments into a bigger project you will definitely want to delve into.

Posted in Professional Resource  5 comments |   1642 Views

Professional Services on Social Media by Chartered Accountants

Posted in Professional Resource  4 comments |   1661 Views

This article is to create investment awareness among the investors and general public and it cannot be taken as professional advice and accordingly the publisher or the author is not responsible for any consequences taking decision upon this material. Before investing, it is always better to discuss your auditors or advisors in whom you are relying most.

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With the COVID-19 outbreak and the nation-wide lockdown, the last few weeks have proven to be a challenging time for businesses who depend on day-to-day cash transactions. Restricted cash flows have made it difficult for them to make timely payments to their employees and suppliers/vendors.

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Extension of the cheque's validity span has now become the need of ours in this crucial time. It will be more helpful to small vendors, creditors, and many other corporate companies and also to all business models. Hope the government will understand this serious matter and take the necessary step to boost up the activities and once again the economic engine will be back on track.

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E Office in Lock-Down 2020

  CA. AJAY PANCHARIA    25 May 2020 at 10:08

We shall discuss How we can continue providing our professional service to our client in lock-down 2020

Posted in Professional Resource |   582 Views

Letter to the President of ICAI on "Members Hope from ICAI in Covid-19 Pandemic"

Posted in Professional Resource  2 comments |   2208 Views

Format of project report to ask for funds towards relief measures by an NGO

Posted in Professional Resource |   455 Views

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