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Composition Taxpayers can not find GSTR 4 (Quarterly Return) in their dashboard from the financial year 2019-20. A new return filing procedure was introduced in April 2019 and it is applicable from FY 2019-20 and onwards. Let's take a look at new changes. What is GST CMP 08? Form CMP 08..

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The recent amendment by way of introducing Sec 49A under CGST Amendment Act, 2019 is causing severe problems to the industry.  I am explaining this by way of following problem. One of my client has OUTPUT CGST & SGST of Rs. 256813 each. INPUT CGST & SGST of Rs. 156708 each. INPUT IGS..

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It appears that this Circular / Press note especially the part on the coverage in audit may have been at the behest of the members who are going to certify. The reasons for the need for dilution could be that the law has not been understood in detail. Professionals especially CAs have been exposed t..

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A yearly summary of the sales, tax paid on it, purchases, input tax credit (ITC) availed, unqualified credits, refunds and demands refer to GSTR-9. Filing of GSTR-9 would have been an easy task if it was a consolidation of the monthly GSTR-3B as pre-filed monthly GSTR-3Bs could have let the field..

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As we know that Goods and Service Tax (GST) cannot be charged by the supplier until he gets himself registered under GST Act. The journey of GST started from 1st July 2017, and lot of changes have come since then. Due to continuous amendments in the Act, there is lot confusion on the part of thresho..

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GENERAL INFORMATION • Annual Return was Inserted vide Notification No. 39/2018-Central Taxes Dated 04.09.2018 which was supposed to be filled on the basis of data filed in the Returns only • Thereafter Annual Return was Substituted vide Notification No. 74/2018- Central Tax Dated 31...

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The CBIC has issued GST audit Manual 2019 after approval by the Board. The Board vide its letter F. No. 221/03/2013 - CX-6 dated August 30, 2018 requested to Directorate General to prepare a manual on Audit in GST for the consideration of the Board. The said GST audit manual co..

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Particulars FY 17-18 FY 18-19 Reporting in GSTR 9 GSTR 3B GSTR 3B FY 17-18 Table 6/7 FY 18-19 Table 8/12/13 ITC of inward supplies in books amounts to Rs. 1,00,000/-. The ITC of Rs. 1,00,000/- was not availed in 3B of 2017-18 an..

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In the past, numerous show cause notices have been issued all over India by Service Tax Authorities to Restaurant Owners and Outdoor Caterers alleging non-reversal of Cenvat Credit under Rule 6(3) of the Cenvat Credit Rules, 2004 by the Restaurants and Outdoor Caterers and demanding Service Tax unde..

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Effective from 1st February 2019, most of the changes proposed by CGST (Amendment) Act 2018 were given effect in CGST Act 2017. Important changes were, providing of provision for payment of GST under reverse charge mechanism only on the specified class of supplies by a specified class of registered ..

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