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.style2 { font-weight: bold; } .style3 { font-style: italic; } .style4 { text-decoration: none; } The Constitutional (101) amendment Act 2016 clearly states in the Statement of Objectives for ushering in GST that it is to remove the cascading effect of taxes and allow the seamless flow..

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Auto Reconciliation of GSTR 2A

  Guest    23 May 2019 at 15:12

GSTR 2 is a return containing the details of purchases/ inward supplies of taxable goods and services. It also includes the supplies on which taxes need to be paid on reverse charge basis. Every registered taxable person is required to file GSTR 2 within 15 days following the end of a particular mon..

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Arjuna (Fictional Character): Krishna, After the end of Financial Year, everywhere there is discussion in relation to annual return of F.Y 2017-18. What is it? Krishna (Fictional Character): Arjuna, GSTR 9 is an annual return which needs to be filed by the registered persons once in a year. It cons..

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1. Whether land owner is liable to pay GST? • No, the landowner is not liable to pay GST if the promoter pays the tax on behalf of landowner on transfer of TDR's or FSI or on upfront amount, but there was an exception where the landowner might be taxed within the purview of GST. 2. ..

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Financial year 2017-18 was the most troublesome period for GST Registered person in India . Returns were filed in a chaotic manner. Problems are being faced by many of us while filing Annual Return GSTR 9 for the year 2017-18 GSTR 9 - RELEVANT TABLES FOR AMENDMENTS RELATED TO TURNOVER / TAX PA..

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What is GSTR 9 annual return? GSTR 9 form is an annual return which is required to be filed once in a year by every registered taxpayers under GST. It consists of details regarding the supplies made and received during the year under different tax heads i.e. CGST, SGST and IGST. Who should fil..

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All about Input Tax Credit

  CS CHARU VINAYAK    21 May 2019 at 13:31

.style2 { font-weight: bold; } .style3 { text-decoration: none; } Q. What is Input Tax Credit? Explain various provisions to claim credit under GST. Ans. GST has revolutionised the Indian indirect taxation and Input Tax Credit is one of the key features, which has helped in eliminating ..

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"Input Tax" in relation to a taxable person means the Goods and Services Tax charged on any supply of goods and/or services to him which are used or are intended to be used, during furtherance of his business. ITC being the backbone of GST and a major matter of concern for the registered p..

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Goods transport Agency (GTA) is undeniably one of the most unorganised sectors. Road transport business operates in a number of ways including goods transport agency, wayside transporters, courier agencies and so on. Therefore, it is pertinent to test whether they would fall within the ambit of GTA...

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Q.4 Explain in detail the rules for claiming refund of GST. Ans. Rule 89 Application for refund of tax  Rule 90 ..

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