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Things to do in Year-end Closing and New Financial Year under GST

  Ankit Khandelwal    05 April 2024 at 08:38

Discover essential tips for Year-end Closing and preparing for the New Financial Year under GST.

Navigating the Labyrinth of GST Notices: A Detailed Guide on Show Cause Notices

  Abhishek Raja    04 April 2024 at 14:20

This article delves deep into the critical points that taxpayers and professionals must consider while dealing with SCNs under the GST regime.

GST: Action Points of Closing of FY 2023-24

  Affluence Advisory    04 April 2024 at 10:38

Checklist to be followed in March 2024 for the GST Compliances of FY 2023-24

Are penalties under Indian GST laws in revenue-neutral situations justifiable?

  Abhishek Raja    01 April 2024 at 14:03

Unpacking the complexities and what it means for businesses. Let's dive deep into the balance between compliance and fairness.

Pin To Pin Distance: E-Way Bill

  Khush Trivedi    01 April 2024 at 12:53

Under GST regime for quick and easy Movement of goods across India without any hindrance, all the check posts across the country are abolished. However to track the movement of goods &controlling any Tax evasion E-way Bill system has been introduced. 

Simplifying GST on Hotel, Restaurant & Outdoor Catering Services

  CA. Bhavik P. Chudasama    30 March 2024 at 14:24

This article aims to demystify the GST maze for hoteliers, restaurateurs, and caterers, offering a clear and concise guide to ensure smooth compliance and maximize tax benefits.

GST Compliance: Year End Essentials

  Mitali    30 March 2024 at 13:04

As the 31st March approaches, businesses must reconcile sales and purchase records, verify input tax credits, adjust for any discrepancies, prepare for audits or assessments, and fulfill any outstanding compliance obligations.

Activities to be undertaken for GST Compliances of FY 2023-24 in March 2024

  Bimal Jain    23 March 2024 at 10:25

We have listed down certain important activities for the smooth transition/ closure of the Financial Year 2023-24

GST on Corporate Guarantees: A Comprehensive Guide

  CA. Bhavik P. Chudasama    22 March 2024 at 09:35

This article dives into the current rules surrounding GST on corporate guarantees in India, explaining the applicable rate, valuation method, and exceptions.

Renewal of Letter of Undertaking (LUT) for export For FY 23-24

  Khush Trivedi    21 March 2024 at 13:17

LUT (Letter of Undertaking) issued during the Financial year 2023-24 expires on 31/03/2024.