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Gurvinder Singh
28 March 2023 at 23:56

Invoice - Debtors

Please advise, if a Destination management company, based in DELHI providing hotel and land arrangements in a foreign country, can raise an Invoice on travel agents in India, without having their GST no.. Thanks

jai prakash

my premises have been physically checked by gst officials
the physical stock was less than the inventory
what should I do now

28 March 2023 at 17:22

ITC on Solar plant Installation

Dear Expert,

My Client was purchased solar plant for his commercial purpose. My Question is
can he able to take ITC on solar plant purchase and installation of solar power. Please give your advice

Thanks & Regards

CA Parul Saxena

I have received a notice u/s 61 and intimated through mail. But while logging the portal no record found is shown when i try to download the notice.
what to do? and how to reply the notice? Whether reply can be given online or there is a need to visit the office?

28 March 2023 at 11:54

Hsncode printing

Dear Sirs,
Frist we are using 4 digit hsn code. though we harve updated 6 digist in items we are not ableto printthe same in invoice and not able to upload gstr1 hsncode summry. Kindly help me in this regard,
Thanks in advance.

Siddharth Mane
28 March 2023 at 10:42

GST on Boat Hiring Services

My Client is Maharashtra Registered having supplying Boat services to his clients as follows, kindly guide whether to charge CGST-SGST or IGST inbelow cases :-

1. Clients registered out of Maharashtra and given them boat services in Maharashtra.
2. Clients registered in Maharashtra and given them boat services out of Maharashtra.


Asif Ali
28 March 2023 at 17:22


Dear Experts,
My query is not solved by any experts.
Please solve my problem.
My query is in B2C Supply of refurbished mobile phones:-
Sale value of mobiles = Rs. 2,00,000
Taxable Value = Rs. 4,000 (Profit Margin) Therefore CGST(9%) = Rs. 360 and SGST(9%) = Rs. 360
Invoice value of mobiles = Rs. 2,00,720
How will take this figures in GSTR-1 ?
Reply by one experts = Take Rs. 4,000 in B2C others column and no need to show any figures anywhere in GSTR-1.
Reply by second experts = Take Rs. 4,000 in B2C others column and also take Rs. 2,00,000 in exempted sale column in GSTR-1.
Please solve my above query, I am getting very confused about above replies and which reply is correct.?
Thanks in advance....

kollipara sundaraiah

A Registered composition dealer income detailes mentioned below.
1.Sale of medicines for pharmacy busieness rs:80 lacs turnover yearly.
2.sec 194j Fees and tecknicial servicies income rs:30 lacs yealry (health services)
3.Rental income from shops rs:3 lacs
4.Interest income from partnership firm rs:3 lacs
5.Agrilculture income rs:2 lacs
1.Dealer opt composition scheme eligible or not
2.sec 194 j income taxable or exempted
3.rental income and interest income taxable or exempted
4.Agrilculture income taxable or exempted.

27 March 2023 at 16:03

GST Surrender on voluntary basis

Can we surrender gstin if my projected turnover will be less than 40 lakh this year.

priyanka karandikar


Company has exported certain goods outside India by way of courier.
GST is 0 rated.
Invoice made for the exports mentions the GST.
The exporter company has spent GST specifically on purchase of raw materials in India.
How the same can be claimed back?
What is the role of LUT in this. Is it required to file LUT before exports?

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