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04 April 2020 at 18:26

Input tax credit

Mr. C a registered taxable person, was paying tax at composition scheme upto 30th July. However, w.e.f. 31st
July, Mr. C becomes liable to pay tax under regular scheme.
Other information:
(a) Input as on 30th July for ` 3,54,000 (inclusive of GST paid @18%).
(b) Capital goods purchased for ` 5,00,000 (invoice date 22nd April 2017, GST 18%)
Find the eligible ITC to Mr. C.
Note: Mr. C not availed depreciation on the GST paid on capital goods.
ITC allowed on inputs = ` 54,000
ITC allowed on capital goods
ITC on capital gods = 90,000
Less: 5% p.q = - 4,500 = ` 85,500 (` 90,000 x 5% x 1)
Total ITC allowed to Mr. C as on 31st July= `1,39,500

My question is here how its 1 quater for use of capital goods.
It is to 2 quaters right.

04 April 2020 at 13:18

ITC - what is the latest notification

Is there any latest notification on ITC because of COVID 19? Has government given any benefits?
Latest I know is
Government notifies changes to rules on input tax credit. The Centre has notified changes to the goods and services tax (GST) rules, lowering the input tax credit to 10% from 20% of eligible credit, if invoices or debit notes are not reflected in filings.

04 April 2020 at 13:17

ITC query

if a person forget to take ITC for the March 2020 month GSTR-3B return. so in this case he can claim this amount of ITC on next financial years April month GSTR-3B return or not?

1) GSTR3B return filing alongwith tax payment - dates are extended?
Means for March 2020 GSTR3B return I should pay Tax and file return by 3rd July 2020?
For April 2020 GSTR3B return, I should pay tax and file return by 6th July 2020?
For May 2020 GSTR3B return - dates are not amnnounced?
2) There will be no penalty, no late fees, no interest for turnover upto Rs. 1.5 Cr.?
3) What is due date for filing Jan-March 2020 GSTR1? There also no late fee, penalty and interest?
Will appreciate if you can guide.

03 April 2020 at 23:05

Resolution for authorised sinatory

Please provide draft Resolution for authorised sinatory other than primary authorided signatory for GST portal .
We want to have two authorised sinatories -one primary authorided signatory and another authorised signarory for GST portal .Thanka.


I am handling a client which is a fully subsidiary of United States company. The main object of the company is to provide services from India to different countries in the world. It is a IT sector company and mainly have cost related to payroll, fixed assets, and office expenses. Transfer pricing law is applicable that is cost plus 15%. Now i have some queries related to sales and invoices,

1) Is it mandatory to raise Sales invoice every month and if yes then is GST applicable?

2) Since last 1 year the company has not mentioned IGST on their invoices and they have not even filed LUT for the same.

Please suggest me what to do for now and how can we rectify the mistakes for last year.

03 April 2020 at 19:35


Is due date for GSTR1 MARCH 2020 EXTEND?

03 April 2020 at 13:44


Dear Sir / Madam

What is the GST rate of tax of Cement Hollow Blocks ?

Pl suggest me

Sir our client Municipal Corporation, Ananthapuramu, Andhra Pradesh have purchased Bleaching power and other chemicals for spraying them in town for sanitation purpose. Can Municipal Corporation claim ITC on the above purchases while they filing GSTR-3B return

02 April 2020 at 09:55


Under Deemed Exports , which amount is *refunded to supplier* of Deemed Exports If *ITC is not taken by receipent* it refund of IGST Paid or refund of unutilised ITC on Inputs used for making supplies?? whether this turnover is called turnover of supplies on which refund claimed under rule 89 (4A) ??

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