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15 June 2021 at 14:55


Sir, Please clarify this doubt?
One of my relative buy EPT (Earning Points) in online and sells the same EPT in online with small profit percentage. This EPT'S are related to Block Chain Technology. For example If I want to join a group in online first of all I Buy some EPT and then after joining the group some EPT'S are added to my account. This EPT'S are saleable in online with small profit percentage. All Transactions are done by online. What is GST Effect / Impact in this transaction i.e. whether he is liable to get GST Registration or not. If Yes, whether it a GOODS or SERVICE.

15 June 2021 at 10:50

Gst on Gift Card

Dear Sir

We Are getting Gift Card At Discounted Value Of Other Brand And We Are Selling It At Full Value . Whether Any Gst Applicable ?

1. What is the SAC of wall painting work for advertisement.
2. What is the SAC of wall painting work for advertisement work done on contract.

Dear Sir,
fabrication Work was done in our company, that party bill 12% GST charges in the bill how much to GST charges against code is 998717

14 June 2021 at 14:52

Issue of debit note to party

Dear sir : One of my dealer purchased material for Rs.3,00,000 in January 20. Material was rejected due to bad quality. Seller was informed accordingly. He did not remove the material and it became weathered and ultimately became non usable. Can I issue a debit note in current date by reversing GST ... kindly advise.... Regards.. Pardeep kapil

14 June 2021 at 13:36

Missing b2b invoices for may return

A gst registered dealer two b2b invoices rs:2,50,000/- not reported in April-2021 gstr3b return.but two invoices uploaded show in gstr2a.
Dealer two missing b2b invoices value rs:2,50,000/- itc taken gstr3b may-21 month allowed in gst act.

14 June 2021 at 10:41

E-invoicing/ Esign

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are following E-invoicing Rule from April 2021for supply of Goods.

As of today while dispatching Goods we issue two copies of Invoice to our Customer -
1) The Esign copy printed from the E-invoice Portal &
2) Our System/ Software generated (and then manually signed) copy of Invoice.

As our System/ Software is linked to the E-invoice portal, the Invoice has IRN & QR code printed on it.

My query is -

Is it Okay if we issue only our System/ Software generated copy of Invoice (having IRN & QR code printed) to Customer and do not give a Esign copy from E-invoice portal ?

Looking forward to your advise.

Thanks & Regards,

A gst registered regular scheme dealer sales of computers and spares business .if a dealer sales to customer goods computer, cpu, monitor, keyboard,mouse at a time transactions treated mixed or normal supplies and which tax rate applicable in gst act.

12 June 2021 at 12:54

Debit Note in GSTR1

I have purchased goods from supplier, and returned some of the defective goods back to him. Hence he has issued a credit note for the same. Should I enter this as a debit note while filing GSTR1 return?

12 June 2021 at 12:06

How to download e invoice? urgent

If i want to download e invoice from portal of April 2021 is it possible now? If yes then please tell me how?