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Shuhaib Hameed
10 April 2024 at 08:38

HSN reporting in Gstr1

Confused over the reporting of HSN in Gstr1! Some sites states it is not compulsory for small dealers with annual turnover below 1.5 crore to report HSN in their GSTR1. If it is mandatory, what is the penalty for non filing of HSN in Gstr1 for dealers under 1.5 crore turnover?

santhosh natarajan

Assessee is a Exporter of Textile Products

The only Domestic Outward Service is Job work (2.5% + 2.5%)

There are some expenses with GST more than 5% , but not relating to Job work.

Whether ITC on those expenses can be claimed as Refund of ITC under Inverted Duty structure?


I m using 2 diffrent softwares for billing in 1 firm , how to combine gstr 1 2 3b for filling returns ?

08 April 2024 at 23:15

Liability of GST

PSU was entered into MoU with irrigation department for construction of make up water system for its thermal power project. As per terms and conditions of MoU- PSU was required to reimburse GST to irrigation department. The above work was further awarded by irrigation department to private contractor. PSU was also deposit GST under RCM for above work and work executing contractor of irrigation department also deposit GST for above work.
Kindly clarify that
(1) Wheather psu as well as work executing contractor of irrigation department (both the parties) are required to deposit GST for above work?
(2) Wheather any GST exemption available for PSU for above work?

kollipara sundaraiah

Dealer composite scheme registered in gst act. dealer sale turnover f.y 19-20 rs:41 lacs detailes mentioned below
1.Sale of gunnies goods local state (intra state) turnover rs:37 lacs
2.Sale of gunnies goods other state(inter-state)turnover rs:4 lacs
total tax 37 lacs+4 lacs = 41 lacs tax rate pay on 1 % rs:41,000/- paid year 19-20.
if state gst officer notice issued recently sec 10(2)(C ) provision violation in gst act dealer not allowed other state sales transactions in gst act and local sale turnover + other state sale turnover year 19-20 41 lacs tax applicable rate 5% rs:205000/- tax demand raised.
Doubt:Dealer year 19-20 local sale turnover + other state sale turnover 5 % tax rs:205000/- paid compulsory .

Jay Chitroda
08 April 2024 at 14:18

Issued of DRC-13 by officer

Given the scenario described:

Mr. A, a celebrity individual, had paid an advance tax of Rs. 19 lakhs for services rendered via GST 3B, with the amount received in his bank account during the financial year 2019-20, specifically in October 2019.
Although 2 Performa invoices were raised during the financial year, the corresponding bills were inadvertently uploaded in the GSTR-1 return for the subsequent financial year 2020-21, in January 2021, following the completion of the services.

Consequently, there is a noticeable difference in tax liability comparison between the financial years 2019-20, with excess liability, and 2020-21, with shortfall liability.

In the financial year 2021-22, the officer raised a Notice of shortfall liability amounting to Rs. 19 lakhs, which had already been paid during the financial year 2019-20. We promptly replied to that notice with proper documentation.

Now, the office has issued DRC-13 to the bank holding the payment.

How can i give reply to officer in issued of DRC-13 ?

Satish Chaudhary

Can you please share the link for picking up exchange rates applicable to
sales invoices currently in force.


What is the last date of payment of taxes for quarter March 2024? My due date for filing of return under quarterly returns is 24/3/2024? Please clarify?

07 April 2024 at 14:59

Penalty for non filing of GSTR3B

Dear Experts,

My client got registered in GST in Apr-23 and not filed any return (GSTR1 or GSTR3B) till date. He only purchased some goods in 3 or 4 months and no sale in any month. Please confirm

1. What will be the penalty for non filing of Returns?
2. Now if he filed his pending returns, then the Returns will be treated as Nil Returns? (No Sale, only Purchase).
3. Is there any way to save the Penalty?

Thanks in Advance!

CA Jayaram Prasad Pisipati

Hai esteemed members

Have a issue regarding GSTR-1 filing for March 24 and would be grateful if you can guide me on how to resolve this

The facts are
- Client is under e-invoicing
- Every month data is auto-populated into GSTR-1 table
- We add up HSN details and Documents issued columns and file it


- In March, 24 the accountant of the Company accidentally uploaded invoices data into GSTR-1
thereby the "Source ", "IRN" and "IRN date" and all AUTO POPULATED details as it used to display earlier went off

In this connection

- can I use "reset " button
(a) so that I get back the data from e-invoicing portal to GSTR-1 or
(b) to restore it to earlier state before this accidental uploading

or Is there anyway to enter invoices with IRN NO and ACK now if none is possible

how I should go about solving this so that client is not suffered

CA Jayaram