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nyla lochner


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sakshi dogra

Dear Experts,

I submitted my Form 109 on 25-01-2024 and it shows the status "Awaiting Competent Authority Approval" but it's still not approved my due date for submitting Form 103 only has 3 days left as I showed in Form 109 transfer date 16-01-2024. so kindly give me your advice on what should I do. whether file form 103 while my form 109 is still not approved? I already called the help desk but they all told me to wait further I did raise a ticket but in the response, they said to wait for approval, please I need your advice.

CA Parul Saxena
05 January 2024 at 13:15

Work from home of Accounting

Hello...can i get work from home for US UAE accounting, book keeping...I want to work from home now...then from where to get the access?

bhavana garg
19 November 2023 at 22:44

Cpa us course registration

pls guide the registration process of us cpa program.


I am CA Professional and a proprietor of my Firm , my question is that
1. Can I become partner in another Firm/Business along with my Proprietorship Or
2. Can I Become partner in my parents Business
3. will there will be change in my attestation power
4. what are the Dos and Don'ts for a CA Professional /

sushil kumar
22 August 2023 at 08:06

CA से संबंधित

मेरा उम्र 27 साल पूरा हो चुका है, मैं b.com किया हु, क्या मैं CA ज्वाइन कर सकता हूं, जब तक CA पूरा होगा मेरा उम्र 32 साल हा चुका होगा, मुझे क्या करना चाहिए

Shreya Pandey
14 August 2023 at 17:56

Cs trainee under ca

Can a cs student get registered for training under ca

CA Manish
10 August 2023 at 16:56

CS Membership without Internship

I have completed my CA and CS both in 2011 and I have a more than 12 years of experience working in various corporate, including, Listed Company, Limited Company and Private Limited Company.

I have handled various profiles under Finance and Compliance domain like, Finance Controllership, Annual Audit, Financials Preparation and Reporting, Annual Filing and XBRL filing, Company Registration etc.

Last 8 years I had worked with three corporates and all were having a Full time CS and I had closely worked with those CS.

My Question is: Is there any provision under ICSI to get CS Membership with Corporate experience without going through Internship.




One of my friends had completed CA Final in May 2023 in First Attempt.
Now they want to start Ca Practice, which specialization is best to choose and which will have growth in future.
Please guide

Thanking you

N Aravindh


I'm doing my articleship at a firm, it's been only 2 weeks and have come to the realisation that I won't have ample amount of time to study and attend classes, I have asked for termination of my articleship and the CA here asked me to serve 30 days notice period. My question is after taking termination here, I'll give my exams and want to join Big 4 as a fresh article assistant under New Scheme. What are the things I need to keep in mind for this to happen smoothly?

Also while submitting the details on SSP portal, do I have to mention the no of leaves as the no days of I worked so that I could do my articleship from the beginning?

I'd really appreciate it if anyone gets back to me, this is important.