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26 January 2021 at 14:17


I have cleared Group1 IPCC (CPT route) Completed years of Articleship. Where to apply for ATC certificate?

25 January 2021 at 20:35


I'm doing CS will FRM would be a good combination with it?

I am in H4 Visa (Dependent Visa) and have completed CA Final Group 1. I am planning to appear in May 2021 for CA Final Group 2.
My question is whether I can work for Indian firms and companies from US as work from home is new normal?
Also, what are other exams and certification options available for NRIs?

21 January 2021 at 20:13

Attempt count in covid situation

I'm ca intermediate student, I filed my form for January 2021, but Im unable to appear in the exam because of covid risk is there till now, but I'll appear in may 2021, if I cleared my both groups in may 21, will Jan 21 attempt counted as an attempt or not, please if anyone know the actual fact then let me know ASAP

09 January 2021 at 16:25

Less Article-ship exposure

Hi there,
I am in my 2nd year of Article-ship, after clearing both the groups, I started looking for article-ship. I gave interviews in almost every big/mid firms. I gave interviews for almost 2 months but still could not find a better place to work. faced a lot of rejection. it was not that my interviews were so bad, it's just that I couldn't make it. at last I found a firm. but after joining the firm I realized that they don't have good exposure. they have very little work.
now I am in so much tension. everyday and night I have this terrible thought that what would happen in future. how would I make it big in large companies. will they even hire me. As I said, I am in my 2nd year. Due to this pandemic, I even couldn't take transfer and my first year got completed. may be I am thinking too much about future. but in any way, these thoughts are affecting my studies. I think am passing thru this horrible phase.
need someone's advice

Hi all,

One of my friend had completed CA Inter and written final exam in Nov 2020 batch. Meantime he got a job opportunity in a manufacturing sector @ Bangalore, with CTC of INR 6 lacs. However this requires a relocation and food / accommodation to be taken care by him. If the results are positive they have confirmed CTC of INR 7.5 lacs.

Would like to understand about the current market requirement for a CA, salary norms and is it really good to accept this offer.

Need expert's advise on this.


I am a Qualified CA currently working, I can spare 2-3 hours daily, I am ready to work on accounts and finance related aspects on part time and work from home basis. Currently i am having experience in GST compliance and return filling with up to date knowledge of amendments in GST.
Plz suggest me how to get work on assignment basis.

23 November 2020 at 11:39

Opportunities in Gulf for CMA's/CWA's

Dear All

I am a qualified CWA- Batch 2016 and a intermediate rank holder CWA. I have around 4years of experience in taxation, costing, accounts and audits and looking for opportunities in same domain or financial controller
Could you please provide me references or names of any good and a very reliable recruitment consultant who specializes in opportunities offered in Gulf countries

Thanks in Advance

25 September 2020 at 23:07

Doing MBA after CA

Dear Sir/Mam,

My sister is a Chartered Accountant and working in Aditya Birla Group company as an Assistant Manager in the Treasury department from 2 years. She is 24 years old.

Now she wants to take an MBA-Finance degree as well. I want to know is there any benefit for her if she does MBA from a reputed institute. She is doing GMAT preparation for the same.

What are the job options available at the moment who is having a CA with an MBA degree.

Just want to understand is it worth leaving this job and opting for MBA degree. What will be her job profile options available if she does MBA too. Will it be better than her present job profile.

Divyesh Jain

19 September 2020 at 08:49

Not happy with the job

Dear Sir/Mam,

This question I want to ask for my sister.

She is a CA and working in MNC from the past 2 years but she is not happy with her work. She is 24 years old.

She is into Treasury department working as an Assistant Manager. Problem she has with her job is that her senior doesn't involve her in the major work that happens in the department. He gives her part of his work that even a junior accountant can do. She remains upset because she is not able to grow because of his attitude. Also he tells her lies that he will take her to the meeting but when the meeting happens he doesn't take her. Her senior is not even a CA but an MBA-FINANCE. But because he is in the company from many years he knows most of the work. The problem is he doesn't want anyone to grow in his department and take his position in future as his importance will decrease.

Other people are also not happy with his attitude but they are not working with him so doesn't bother much. My sister is directly working under him. She has even told the head of treasury about this but no action was taken as the work is going on and since he knows most of the work no one can remove him from department.

I am a Professional so doesn't know how to deal with such a problem. If anyone can help what she can do to resolve this issue since she will not be able to grow properly in her career. She is in the best department of the company.

Divyesh Jain

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