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HI Experts,

Want a help from you people and EXPERTS who is already completed SAP FICO or some may have the knowledge on SAP FICO, means in which institute if i do it will be more effective in term of QUALITY TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION.

Please suggest me the BEST INSTITUTE FOR SAP FICO.

09 August 2020 at 09:57

COP Status


I was a partener in a furm holding COP.Later i got job so i surrendered by cop.Approval came from ICAI.Tge status now it is showing for COP is "Held".What does this Held mean??

08 August 2020 at 21:01

Propritiorship firm license fee

I want someone professional to fill 3 forms for me which are as follows:
1) FSSAI for 2 year
2) Shop and establishment license for 1 year
3) GST registration Can you please let me know the govt.+ professional fee.

Please let me know the govt.+ professional fee.

04 August 2020 at 18:44

Earned leave encashment

how to calculate earned leaves annually for salary ?

03 August 2020 at 18:33

Partnership Deed

I am looking for a Partnership Deed/MOU that can be entered into by a CA firm in which provision for opening a branch office is included. Can there be any clause entered in the Partenership Deed/MOU which provides that the income/expense/profits/loss of the branch office will belong to the partner(s) managing the branch office and the branch office partner(s) will not have any share in profit/loss of the head office. If any anybody could provide me sample deed/MOU, it will be of very help for me.

03 August 2020 at 14:42

Partnership Deed

My office registered under Partnership Act and wanted to open new branch office. I wanted to know the provision inserted in partnership deed for opening branch office.

30 July 2020 at 16:38

Partnership in CA firm

I am having a CA proprietary concern.
I have been offered to admit as a partner in an existing CA proprietor ship for. Will the merger is necessary or I can become a partner and simultaneously continue my proprietary firm

26 July 2020 at 11:31

EPF & FPF onliine Transfer

Dear Friends

I need your help and expert advise on the below

My colleague worked in Delhi based company in Chennai as Branch in-charge for 15 yrs from 2000-2015. She has been allotted UAN number and Delhi based PF number. Her PF contribution has also been promptly to her credit till the period she was in employment with that company.

She left them in 2015 march and joined another company in chennai from May 2015. But her employer allotted new UAN number and new PF number assigned to TN PF. TamilNadu UAN and PF number seeded with all the KYC and Bank account etc ., till today PF is being remitted.

When tried for online transfer, her transfer got rejected by Delhi PF stating name mismatch, DOB not entered, Gender not updated and KYC and service history is missing. It has been rejected at both Tamil Nadu and Delhi both online and Offline both the times.

Her Delhi based employer closed down and no one available to approve KYC through DSC. She approached Delhi, PF who after long efforts finally made all the correction, but said PF department cannot approve and update PAN and Bank Details.

She can't proceed with online transfer or withdrawal as the portal asking to update Bank details approved by previous employer. (Can any expert confirm is it true pf dept can't approve members bank and PAN)

She is aware she can do manual transfer in form 13 duly certified by the present employer through present Regional PF Office. Please solve the below doubts and queries as below

1. Is there anyway online transfer possible (with out previous employer KYC approval)

2. If only manual transfer claim possible in Form No 13 duly certified by present employer. in such case what is the status of her Family pension fund. The scheme certificate will be issued by the Delhi PF or it will automatically will get transferred to her Tamil Nadu PF along with FPF (Family Pension Fund)

3. Whether her Delhi service history will be added to her TN UAN and PF. so that she become eligible (more than 5 yrs of PF service) to apply for Housing Loan.

Please help me with the query and guide me to proceed further.

V.S. Balasubramanian

24 July 2020 at 12:56

Draft CA Certificate

Can anyone help me with CA Certificate to be issued to AD for Write-off of Export Bills under A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No.88

Can a non CA use &Associates for a tax advisory firm by non CA's

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