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Dear Experts,

We are Looking for a CA preferably in and around Chennai or Tamil Nadu to Sign on our Client's Balance sheets ( 90 % Non Tax Audit Cases simply filed under section 44AD of Income Tax Act basis the Presumptive Taxation)

Kindly send a Personal Message or answer through this query please.

02 May 2023 at 06:42

Project report for companies

While preparing project report for bank loan , should we show the depreciation rate as per companies act or as per income tax act?


We did apply for DIN through DIR-3 but the mobile number and e-mail id were in resemblance with the e-mail id and mobile number already registered and specified in DIN of some other person.
So, now I wish to change my e-mail id and mobile number for this fresh DIN allotted .
Kindly, provide some solution to this .


Can a CA in practice appear and clear the mutual fund distributor exam, on behalf of his own HUF? Will it amount to engagement in business? Can anyone share the guidelines regarding the same if any.

06 April 2023 at 12:55


I am using latest RPU and latest Java After entering all TDS details in Rpu when i tap on create file it was not creating fvu file successfully and it not showing any error. It was creating some log files and uenc file.

Narendra JR

I have recently passed CA Final exam, and going to apply for CA Membership plus COP. As per latest announcement by ICAI about 'Know your Member' (KYM) it requires certain documents to be submitted on yearly basis. Due to our financial condition is not so good, can I start my CA office from my home which is owned by my father, through Rent agreement and I use that rent agreement to submit to ICAI for KYM. Can I do that ?
Expert kindly give your opinion on this 🙏

18 March 2023 at 13:01

MIS Report-Milk dairy

Need an MIS report for Milk dairy manufacturing company which is from start to end of an product manufacturing and distibution loss on a product

23 February 2023 at 15:51

LLP for investment objective

Is there any restriction for incorporate an LLP with the object of investment activity? A group of peoples required to invest different entities, for mitigating the procedure they have forming an llp and invest all other entities, if they require more fund they admit new partners on the llp, is this have any legal consequence under ROC or IT

02 January 2023 at 13:17



what option need to select in form 3 decalration for practicing CA who wants to chagne from ACA to FCA.

For the purpose of sub-section (3) of section 5, an associate shall be deemed to have acquired the experience normally acquired as a result of continuous practice for a period of five years as a chartered accountant, if he:-

(i) being in government service or being employed in an educational institution approved by the Council or being employed in a private or government, industrial, commercial or trading undertaking, is ordinarily holding or has ordinarily held for a continuous period of not less than 5 years, any one or more posts carrying duties relating to accounts, costs accounts, audit, finance, taxation, company law and or secretarial work;

(ii) being employed under a statutory authority, is ordinarily holding or has ordinarily held for a continuous period of not less than five years, any one or more posts carrying duties mentioned in clause (i) above;

(iii) being employed under a local authority, , is ordinarily holding or has ordinarily held for a continuous period of not less than five years, any one or more posts carrying duties mentioned in clause (i) above provided the local authority has within its jurisdiction a population of not less than five lakhs of persons during each of the five years of his service;

(iv) has served for a continuous period of not less than five years as a full-time paid assistant under a chartered accountant:

somesh chandak
26 December 2022 at 20:35

Fellow Membership

I was working as an employee in an MNC for the last 5 years and now started working as a Practicing CA, I have gone through the ICAI faq mentioning that a foreign CA doing Job can apply for FCA.- But there is no clarification wrt Indian CA's doing a job in INDIA.
Do you have any idea wrt FCA - If yes please share the process.

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