CA Chandan Samdani
27 February 2024 at 16:05

PF Registration with company registration

I have applied for company registration but PF establishment number i.e PF registration also generated with the company registration. Is PF registration mandatory for every Private limited company? PF registration are automatically granted with company registration?

k chakraborty

Is executing amendment deed of partnership necessary to introduce fresh capital into partnership by existing partners without changing profit sharing rartio if the original deed of partnership says " Partners if so desire may take further investment of money in Firm either as loan or as Capital".

Kavita R

Kindly let me know the stamp duty on gift deed tranfer of residential flat in Mumbai from brother to sister and mother to son ?

Is stamp duty mandatory in case of gift deed in MUMBAI?

Kindly guide the procedure .

12 February 2024 at 19:40

MOU on stamp paper

Is it mandatory to do MOU between hospital and TPA(Insurance companies) on stamp paper?

ntc pioneer
20 January 2024 at 14:54


What is the difference between lease and tdr ?

k chakraborty

sec 59(2) of partnership Act states "The firm, which is registered, shall use the brackets and word (Registered) immediately after its name."
But the wording of the section is different than in companies act which says " the name of the company with the last word ―Limited‖ in the case of a public limited company, or the last words ―Private Limited‖ in the case of a private limited company" , notice the difference in "after the name" vs "with last word".
Moreover, the registration certificate of the registrar of firm uses original name without suffix.
Given this do i need to change the name in PAN and GST? note that the PAN is also submitted to registrar at the time of registration. If we don't change our name how would i issue invoice with (registered) after the name? if we don not need such change in invoice when should i use (registered)? in signboard and letter heads only? please advice?

Jayalakshmi Ramasamy
05 January 2024 at 14:47


Dear Sir,

1. Please can any one let me know the stamp duty in Mumbai for a residential property from Mother to son and from brother to sister.

2. I had gone through the rates on some sites where it says it is Rs. 200/- only for gift deed between family members.

3. If it is from brother to sister it is 2 percent
4. Other than family members 3 percent.

Kindly clarify urgently if the above is correct.


Hello All,

The partnership was formed with 2 partners when both partners were resident Indian citizens. The managing partner (and the one who brought in 90% of the capital) intends to go abroad possibly permanently, while the other partner will remain in India. Both partners will still remain Indian citizens.

So can the partnership carry on as earlier?


A Non-Resident Indian (NRI) and a person residing in India form a private company in India. The NRI pays the subscription money in INR in India. Is this considered as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and is the transaction legal?



Some of us wanted to enter into a business partnership. All partners signed the deed and got it notarised. But there were no witnesses. Is the deed valid without any witness signatures? Will we face any problem in getting PAN. GST and other Government documents? Any help would be highly appreciated.