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31 July 2021 at 16:55


A Person create multiple HUF. Example as under
Rajkumar Gupta create own huf in 1985 like "Rajkumar HUF".
and He is another make huf with his wife name Karunadevi Gupta and her huf name "Rajkumar Karunadevi HUF" in 1994 & same period 3rd make huf with minor son (16 year ) Sonukumar Rajkumar Gupta and HUF name is "Rajkumar Sonukumar HUF"

Please guide me , how is possible to make this types of HUF.
Rajkumar is karta in "Rajkumar HUF" but i want to know that whose is karta in case of "Rajkumar karunadevi HUF" & "Rajkumar Sonukumar HUF" and whose is coparcener in wife and son case.

Actually all three huf have bank account but There no transaction made in long time so this account automatically being convert government account.
I want to withdrawal my money i have to prove with huf declaration in bank.

supplementary llp agreement in case of death

28 July 2021 at 17:30

Retirement from CA Firm

Who is responsible to execute the deed when partner is retiring i.e is it firm or retiring partner?

23 July 2021 at 10:23

Restriction on sub contractor

Good Morning Member.
Please give legal advice on below mentioned case.

Company A want to make legal agreement with its Sub contractor for not to doing business with their client directly or indirectly for next 5 years. In the breach of the above said agreement, contractor will be liable to pay a fix amount as penalty.

Here, I want to know can a company make such agreement or this agreement will be void on the ground abstain from doing business.

Please give your valuable legal advice.


19 July 2021 at 15:41

Indian Partnership Act, 1932

In a partnership of 4 partners (partnership is at will), 3 of the partners have received notice by one of the partner that the firm will be dissolved from 31st July?
Should they reply to the notice?
What are the legal remedies available to them if they want to continue the firm?
*Partnership deed is notarized and not registered

Mr.A booked flat on ongoing scheme . Possession was expected as per RERA in Dec.2022. Due to covid RERA has given extension of 6 months. Total 5 buidling of 22 floor is to built up. Till date only two building work upto 5 floor is completed. It is highly impoosible that builder can build within june 2023. The work is going on at tortise spped and explaination of covid is given by builder. Mr.A has paid 25 lakhs out of 65 lakhs. He does not want to continue in the scheme and invest more amount and wish to quit from scheme. What is remdy to Mr. A. He can claim for refund from Builder. What will happen if he doest not remitt further demand. A is senior citizen and cant fight legal . What us best remedy ? Please give expert reply .

In our NGO we are in planning to procure some fixed assets from overseas. We also arranged one sponsor for it. Our sponsor wanna make direct payment to the vendor but our vendor is not agreeing to issue invoice in sponsor name as he is giving us some discount as we are an NGO.

Kindly advise

07 July 2021 at 19:23

FLA filing

Whether to provision created also to report as other payable in FLA filing .

03 July 2021 at 12:53

Payment to sub contractor

An assessee had received services from a firm and part of the services was sub contracted to another firm by the firm to whom assessee had initially given the contract. Now the sub contractor is willing to get the payment from the assessee.
I want to know whether it is possible to do so?
Since bill will come from the first firm to the assessee.

25 June 2021 at 21:59

Reliquinsment of rights...

We are having one property at Maharshtra having with 7 legal hairs .

Out of 7 legal hairs 5 are residing at Gujarat . ( one mother , son and three daughters.) . The son and 3 daughters wish to relquishment of their legal rights., so that three legal hairs can sale the property.
My question is ..
1) Whether the legal hairs can do relquishment of rights ( registered ) at Gujrat ? , and copy of which we can submit to city of Maharashtra?
2) The legal hairs dont wish to come at Maharashtra?
Please guide .