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Mr.X died in an accident. His leagal heirs are his mother, his wife and his two major children. He purchased out of his own earnings in business during his life time a house and two shops in tamilnadu. Now his mother wants to transfer her unapportioned share to her daughter in law ( i.e., Mrs.X). Mr.X also have father , one brother and one sister. what mode whether release or gift of her share to be made to her daughter in law. Also applicable stamp duty and registration fee in tamilnadu for such transfer.



I have following queries against Company paid Apprentice Wages paid on monthly basis to our Apprentice joined in the company-

1) Refund claimed for the fy-2022-23 ag.Apprentice Wages paid to the employees
2) Refund claimed for the fy-2023-24 ag.Apprentice Wages paid to the employees

Company can claim refund amount against the Scheme NAPS as well as MATS scheme of Gujarat Govt.??


Dear All
At present , we are using revenue stamp for all cash transaction above Rs 5000/- for West Bengal.

Is there any latest update in Stamp Act regarding this limit ?


12 March 2024 at 18:46

Nomination in EPF

Can I nominate my sister in my EPF even if I have dependant parents?

abhijit majumder

The experts
Two companies say A Ltd (transferor Company) merged with B Ltd(transferee Company).
Both are registered under under employees provident fund act .

What will be the procedure under epf act to transfer all the employees of A Ltd to employees of B Ltd.
Kindly advice.

CA Chandan Samdani
27 February 2024 at 16:05

PF Registration with company registration

I have applied for company registration but PF establishment number i.e PF registration also generated with the company registration. Is PF registration mandatory for every Private limited company? PF registration are automatically granted with company registration?

k chakraborty

Is executing amendment deed of partnership necessary to introduce fresh capital into partnership by existing partners without changing profit sharing rartio if the original deed of partnership says " Partners if so desire may take further investment of money in Firm either as loan or as Capital".

Kavita R

Kindly let me know the stamp duty on gift deed tranfer of residential flat in Mumbai from brother to sister and mother to son ?

Is stamp duty mandatory in case of gift deed in MUMBAI?

Kindly guide the procedure .

12 February 2024 at 19:40

MOU on stamp paper

Is it mandatory to do MOU between hospital and TPA(Insurance companies) on stamp paper?

ntc pioneer
20 January 2024 at 14:54


What is the difference between lease and tdr ?