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Sabareesh Kumar

In case of transfer of Share from shareholder B,C,D & E to a shareholder A, do we need to issue the share certificate to Shareholder A with the same distinctive no mentioned in share certificates of B,C,D & E or issue share certificate to A with new distinctive nos.



My grandfather passed away recently. The ancestral property which was in my Grandfather's name is getting partitioned to be transferred to my father and his siblings now.
My father wishes to get it transferred to an HUF (of me(unmarried) my father and my mother).
Since his marriage (which happened a couple of decades back), no official documentation or PAN was created for this HUF.

What is the procedure now to form this HUF and transfer my father's part of the ancestral property to the HUF? is a PAN card for HUF required beforehand for this ?
i mean from legal perspective, what documentation and procedure is required before transferring the property to HUF ?

Can it be transferred to my father first and then later on pass it on to HUF ?

Note: the ancestral property is in my grandfather's name currently (i mean not in any HUF's name).

Thanks in Advance.

12 July 2023 at 12:25

Power of Attorney for father

My father is bedridden and cannot communicate nor travel. Can I make a power of Attorney in my mother's name to give the flat owned by him on rent? what is the procedure for the same?

Gomathi Sundar

Indian company gets monetary support in the form of funding for rental deposit from a foreign company at the time of setting up business ie pre incorportion. The foreign company subsequently becomes a 100% holding company of the Indian company.

Now the Indian company want to reimburse the deposit paid to foreign holding company.

Can I understand the procedure involved in light of FEMA.


Hi Everyone

Can anybody help me out regarding below query?

What is the procedure to register the Rental agreement (Rental period is 5 years) and the cost of registration in Tamilnadu?

Thanks in advance.

tulika bhattacharya
26 June 2023 at 12:52

Exceptions to Form AOC 2

What are the cases where a company can avoid filing form AOC-2? Cases where a company do not have to file form AOC-2?

25 June 2023 at 09:44

Section 4(5) of companies act 2013

(i) Upon receipt of an application under sub-section (4), the Registrar may, on the basis of information and documents furnished along with the application, reserve the name for a period of twenty days from the date of approval or such other period as may be prescribed:

Provided that in case of an application for reservation of name or for change of its name by an existing company, the Registrar may reserve the name for a period of sixty days from the date of approval.

Registrar may reserve name whether 20 days or 60days?

Bapun Dasgupta
15 June 2023 at 14:34

Related Body Corporate

What is the meaning of the term "Related Body Corporate" under the Companies Act, 2013 ?

Shall be thankful if explained with relevant section and provisions.

15 June 2023 at 13:37

Applicability of Form DPT - 3

Dear Sir/Mam,
Whether current account(running account) maintained by company shall be considered as deposits for filing Form DPT - 3