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Aagam Shah

An office premise was purchased by a partnership firm consisting of 3 partners (later 1 new partner had joined). After some years, the partnership was dissolved mutually and it was agreed that 1 of the original partners would continue business under the same name at the said office premise acquired previously as a proprietorship concern i.e he would take that property as his share of the partnership business – A Deed of Dissolution was made and signed by all partners agreeing to this.

No registration in the land revenues was done for the same and for about 30-35 years the business continued as proprietary concern. Recently, on death of the said proprietor, the legal heir has applied for transfer of office in his name (under Probate of High Court) but the society lawyer has contended that office has not been registered in the name of the continuing partner post dissolution which is required to be done now.

He has suggested to do the registration at the current date by paying full stamp duty @ 6% on the current market value as per ready reckoner rate and post that go for transfer under Probate of Will. Kindly help as on reading of various cases I have found that registration, transfer, stamp duty is not required separately on dissolution of partnership firm even where immovable properties are involved.


07 March 2023 at 19:22

Fit Out Deposit entitlement

Dear Experts,

We have purchased flat in resale from the original buyer. The buyer has paid a fit out deposit to the builder as per the terms and conditions of the sale agreement. While, executing the resale agreement the buyer has transferred all the rights, titles, interests, deposits, membership, advance maintenance etc. to the sellers.
We have carried out interiors as per the guidelines prescribed by the developers and on satisfactory inspection process, we applied for the refund of Fit-out deposit paid by the original buyer. After many attempts and rigorous follow up, to our horror the developer said they have already transferred Fit-out deposit money to the original buyer.
We are following up with the original buyer but now he says he has right on Fit-out deposit and we can not claim it from them.
The terms and conditions of the agreement clearly says everything is transferred to us. But the original buyer is not ready to part with deposit erroneously transferred to him.
What is the legal position in this case and what are the ways to recover the said money?
Experts help is solicited. For record, we have duly submitted all papers including agreement for sale and got no objection certificate from the developers to transfer the said flat in our name one and a half year back.
Thanks and regards.


Is firms renewal necessary


kindly give us draft for Death of Partner ( father ) and Admission of Partner ( son ) , is it necessary to get the consent from all the legal heirs of the Late Partner, OR CAN WE GET A INDEMNITY BOND FRON THE LEGAL HEIRS FOR CONSENT TO ADMIT ONE OF THEM AS PARTNER

CH. Sai Ramadasu
24 February 2023 at 17:40

Associates on Probation & EPF eligibility

Dear Sir,

Employee on probation can be given the compensation as per the trainee specific to salary component Stipend.

Whether these probation employees are eligible for provident fund and calculation on the stipend.

Could you plz share any article or policy related to this.

Shreyoshi Dasgupta

There is a contract between JSW Co. and XYZ Company. The terms and conditions of the contract reads as follows that:

XYZ Co. shall send the manpower to carry the air conditioning machines from the gate of JSW Co. for repair. The necessary repairing has been done in the workshop of XYZ Co. The repaired air conditioners need to be handed over, to the security of JSW Co (main gate office). Whether the CLRA Act shall be applied in this situation?


Husband gifted one apartment and one plot to his wife {She is house wife.) in good time. Also helped financially to purchase a plot on her name. Also helped financially to build a house on gifted plot by her. Now Wife is owner of One apartment, one constructed house {Ground +1 flour on 40 X30} gifted plot, and one plot that purchased in her name but financed by her husband. Currently no movable or immovable property is in husband's name. Both are senior citizens. Husband retired and working part time for lively wood. House is running on husband's earnings only. Two daughters are married. Husband's PF/Gratuity /Insurance money used for daughters’ marriage expenditure. Now wife not treating husband well. Planning to sell one of her properties {Gifted) for her own security purpose. Husband is not agreeing. Now what is the rights of Husband/Wife?


Two sisters and one brother got their share of assets after death of their father. Now one sister "A" thinking to gift one of her property to her sister "B" 's son "C".
1.Age of the donour sister is 55.
2.Her husband's age 60.
3.Her children (Son & Daughter) are all major and married.
4.Her sister's son major 35 years old , not married.
5.All are in good relationship and no dispute to this gift procedure.
Now what is the formalities and procedure to follow please?
1.Just Gift deed from one person "A" to "C" is sufficient?
2.All the major mebers of "A" 's signature required? {Son & Doughter -in Law,Daughter & Son-in-Law}


Partnership firm converted into Private limited company during 2010.But one immovable property (office /godown/manufacturing unit) documents still showing "Partner ship" firm name. All these years Converted Pvt. Ltd. Company operating in this premises only. No change in registred address .Claiming depreciation also .Same partners now working as Directors. Now what is the procedure to change owners name from Partner ship firm name to private limited company's name in the property documents? Fresh registration? GST payable?.


A NRI who got gift from his mother (who is a green holder in USA) . He wants to transfer either as a gift or loan to his father in law & Mother in law . Both Father in law and mother in law are citizen of india. Is it permissible and if it is permissible how much transferable as gift or how much transferable as a loan under income tax act and fema act. What procedure to be followed

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