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Does a Chartered Accountant firm need to intimate the launching of a website to ICAI. If yes what is the procedure.

priyanka karandikar
20 May 2022 at 19:27

Name on CA visiting card


My name on all professional documents is changed after marriage but can use my maiden surname and current surname as a style of writing name my CA visiting card.


kollipara sundaraiah

A small business person rs:6 lacs cc loan required from bank.if bank manager asked project p&l and balance sheet for 2023 and 2024 and udyog aadhar registered certificate document required for bank loan purpose.
1.projected p & l and balance sheet for 2023 and 2024 how much sales turnover declared for 6 lacs loan.
2.udyog aadhar registered compulsory for bank loan purpose.

kollipara sundaraiah

A person fixed deposit in bank.if bank FD maturity after FD amount withdrawal compulsory or renewal not accepted for bank new provision applicable.

Ragini M

Can someone please tell me to whom i need to address in request letter to ICAI, I mean what will be the address ?

annalisa noronha

What is the TDS rate for participation fees in a food event amount is above 2 lakhs


Dear Members,
i want to know that how to registered of CO-operative society in delhi and its procedures .

Contact No.8076252214

13 May 2022 at 13:22


i need to record a fund transfer entry from usd account to euro account
but i am getting following error:-
Transactions can have only one foreign currency at a time

13 May 2022 at 11:34

TDS challan queries

Dear experts
Can I make TDS liability payment of multiple sections like 194c, 194I, 194J, 194Q etc in a single challan or should I do payment separately section wise to avoid the error and confusion. Request you all experts put your comments on this issue.

If I will make payment on a single challan of multiple sections then which section will be selected in challan, because there's one section can select in one challan.
Thank you

Ankush Verma

Hey i want to know that i am starting up a online cloud kitchen business with a partner! So what should i do? Should i register a partnership firm or simply just a partnership agreement

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