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19 June 2024 at 12:13


T_FV_6351 Applicable and Mandatory For Financial Year 202324 onwards 'Other special allowances under section 10(14)'.

Arjun Pandya

Can a member not holding COP act as Mutual fund distributor and DSA ???
Also Can he mention ( Chartered Accountant ) after his name in his business card ??

17 June 2024 at 12:33

Treasury Bill History

From where we can find T bill rate for Particular period ?? or particular date ??

Hari Vignesh

My friend decided to form a company and do share trading with his own money. I can't find NIC code that is apt for that. kindly help.

laxmi leelwani

Can a member of ICAI who is paid assistant in ca firm not holding COP can take employment in Industry?

sachin goel


11 June 2024 at 18:50

TCS for sandy

I bought a car in Jan 2024 .TCS Rs. 19.583/- was paid to government by car dealer. The same is now seen in AIS and Form 26AS. whether this can be claimed as refund by me ? If Yes ,where to include this. In TCS page or anywhere else in ITR . If no how to include in ITR or no need to show.


Hello everyone
I am practicing CA since 12 years. Due to some financial issue I am joining a full time employment. 5 days working. I have my team managing things for me since audit work is negligible.

I had joined a job on professional basis and was able to manage both easily although it was 6 days working job.

This new company is an MNC and have due diligence procedures where they can easily find out and in that case I will be terminated. I have received the offer letter and have not yet joined.

I don't want to loose good additional income from practice by just working 1 day a week. Also in future I have intention to practice but right now job is equally important.

What should I do now ?
I have heard about part time COP but don't know how it can help me ? Whether I can keep my firm name although I cannot perform attest function


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06 June 2024 at 13:17

PTRC payment for March

A small-sized pvt ltd company obtained PTRC & PTEC registration in June 2019 but never made any payments. Now they have been able to make payments for FY 2019-20 until February 2020. However, they are facing an issue while trying to pay for March 2020. The period of April 2020 does not appear under FY 2019-20, and when changing to FY 2020-21, it only shows the period of April 2020-March 2021. How should they proceed with the payment for March 2020?