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kollipara sundaraiah

A registered regular scheme dealer dealing to medicines retail business sales turnover year:23-24 rs:1.65 lacs .
Last year f.y.22-23 sales turnover rs:1.85 lacs
Dealer sale turnover increased every year compulsory any provision applicable in gst act.

Anil Bhawasinka
15 April 2024 at 17:15

ITC mismatch reversal

I had some typographical error in CGst and sgst input credit claim in gstr 3B for Feb 24 resulting
Claim of much higher ITC than the real one.
In which table and column of Gstr3B this exess ITC Claim can be reversed.

15 April 2024 at 17:04


I am not doing any business since last year, but i am filing NIL return Qtly, last Qtr. i bought some thing for my business use which credit amount is showing in my id for claim.
now what should i do.
1. Should i file NIL return as usual and ask refund of credit amount separately.
2. Should i keep credit amount for coming months returns (and how long i can keep it)
3. Can i claim it with NIL return.

Mallikarjuna Reddy B

Turnover for the financial year 2022-23 is Rs. 10.10 Crores. From August 2023 we have not generated e invoices but manual invoices provided to buyers and filed GSTR 1 and GSTR3B.

Can we generate e invoices now for all the invoices for which manual invoices raised earlier( August 2023 to March 2024).

Thanks in advance.

Gopalakrishnan. S


We have made online sales through E Commerce operators from Jan 24 onwards.
Since the GST is collected by the E Commerce operator, we reported the online sales in
Table 14 - U/S 9(5). But the Taxable sales mentioned in this table is not added to the
total sales mentioned in the last row for GSTR 1 Summary.
Should we exclude the online sales from our Gross taxable turnover. Will this amount be
added to the E Commerce operator's sales ?
What will be our total taxable sales, whether including online sales or excluding it ?
Pls. advice/

Bhargavi Hdh
15 April 2024 at 13:21

Bill raised but no payment received

Total invoice value = 1000000 + 3% GST = 1030000/ on dated 15-09-2018.
The whole consideration amounting 1030000/- not received by supplier hence the amount debited to Profit and Loss acocunt. The case came under GST scrutiny for F.Y 2018-19 and department raised demand of upaid GST 300000 with Interest.
a) Are we liable to pay GST where the whole amount has already been debited to bad debts vide Audited Balance Sheet.
b) Please provide us remedy.

14 April 2024 at 13:19

When do I register for GST?

I am a freelancer in service industry. I am expecting my turnover to cross Rs. 20 Lakhs in FY 2024-25. Do I have to register for GST at the start of the financial year or only when my turnover crosses Rs. 20 Lakhs? Also, will the GST be calculated on turnover in excess of Rs. 20 Lakhs or the total turnover for the financial year? Any guidance on this will be very helpful. Thank you.

Dharm Singh Brari
14 April 2024 at 10:33

RCM on consultancy charges

Is RCM is applicable for consultancy charges of non-lawyer persons

suresh s. tejwani

Can appeal be filed against appellate authority for Rejection of refund order of DRC-06 for inadvertant duty ?

jignesh sitapara
13 April 2024 at 15:37

Regarding CMP 02

Dear Expert, what to do if CMP -02 not filed when from regular to composition ?