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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has released a list of Frequently Asked Question for CA May/November 2020 Exams.

Posted in Exams |   2926 Views

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India has released a list of frequently asked questions on merging of the June 2020 CS exams with November 2020 CS Exams.

Posted in Exams |   653 Views

Surely, ACCA has been able to show us how to lead the front by accepting this challenge and making sure that at no points do student's suffer in their academic journey !

Posted in Exams  1 comments |   740 Views

The CA exams of July 2020 are turning to be extremely dramatic and nerve wrecking. Initially the ICAI had given only 3 days to decide whether to opt out or not but then at midnight of third day, it extended such time by 7 days and then again by 3 days on 26th June.

Posted in Exams  39 comments |   30796 Views

Dear ICAI, We the students need answers

  Malay.    22 June 2020 at 10:51

Why ICAI,which is decades old institution, has not developed an official communication channel where grievances and issues of students are heard and redressed in timely and responsible manner?

Posted in Exams  10 comments |   12697 Views

If your exams are not in July 2020, I request you to kindly skip this, as this is specifically for the JULY 2020 exams.

Posted in Exams  13 comments |   2257 Views

So The ICAI has put out a notification giving an option to students to opt out of July 2020 exams.

Posted in Exams  2 comments |   4300 Views

ICAI and Professional Judgement

  Mehul Thacker    08 June 2020 at 10:07

CAI is a dynamic institution and I have nothing but respect for the people involved in decision making. But sir, I earnestly request you reconsider the decision and conduct examinations at a later point in time.

Posted in Exams  12 comments |   3687 Views

May 19 to Nov 19 So here I'm writing about a very interesting phase of my life wherein I faced failure and turned it back to success, the purpose of this is to inspire people to fight back.

Posted in Exams  6 comments |   2138 Views

We should have basic subjects and skill development subjects to develop the skill to adopt, study, and apply the new subjects whenever they come.

Posted in Exams  3 comments |   1142 Views

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