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Vicious circle of attempts in CA exams

Aarti Maurya , Last updated: 06 June 2022  

So you failed again. Is this your first attempt? Will you give try next time? I think you are not giving the required effort. These are a few questions and opinions that every student preparing for any competitive exam must have heard. Sometimes it's painful to see how your efforts are being judged by others because you couldn't clear your exams. Does this all matter?

We sometimes find ourselves stuck in a loop of May and November exams and then end up being worried about our results. Sometimes you question yourself that, "Whether those efforts were sufficient or not?" We forget that life is much more than our attempts or exams. The pressure to get good results or the career we want is never-ending. Most of us not only worry about their results but also how our family or friends will react to them. People around you might tell you not to worry about exams and results and some people can also worsen your situation. In the end, you are the one who will have to face all these situations with acceptance of your results.

Vicious circle of attempts in CA exams

If your result is positive it adds up new joy to your life, it gives meaning to your efforts also a new journey to learn new things. But if you fail it's not the end it is the beginning that will make you more strong and firm believer in yourself.

It's painful to see that even after giving a hundred percent effort you fail to achieve what you dream of. Sometimes delays clear your path to success. A delay to clear attempt can bring new people to your life, it may add new personality trait to you, it may help you to face the worst situation of your life, it may show you a new path that will light your world differently.

Your failures or your efforts will only get recognition when you are an achiever, till then you can only try to fight all negative intuitions.

It's not easy to continue with full efforts during this period of life. It's always ok if others question your efforts or your capabilities but it's never ok if you doubt yourself. It will lower your confidence and spark that is present within you.

Always use your mistakes to improve yourself. Improvement can be in exams, emotional improvement, physical improvement because worrying over the same thing can never be a solution.


Ask yourself if you have made enough effort. If the answer is yes result should least matter.

Because we can only show honest efforts to clear the exam but the result is not under one's control.

The desire that the results should reflect the hard work you put into your studies causes chaos of thoughts in your mind even after exams. Sometimes result doesn't show your intelligence or hardwork but your patience, how patiently you tried to crack an exam.

Sometimes an exam doesn't test your intelligence but it tests your patience.

It takes a while for our body to wind down from a long period stress. Almost every student has to deal with the side effects of exams which is post-exam stress.

It can only be cured by keeping yourself busy and productive. Try to learn new things, spend time with your friends and loved ones. Binge-watching is not always wrong to try it during this period of life, watch something meaningful that adds meaning to your life. Try to explore new places it will help you to know the world. Music is one of best cure, it will slowly wash out negatives from your mind and fill your thoughts with joy.


In the end, you have to accept your results and be honest to yourself and never fear trying again. Stop worrying and start doing. Everyone will have a box of opinions and tags for you once you fail an exam but you should silently give chance to yourself because you know your capabilities.

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