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How To Deal With Failure In CS Exam?

Tushar Pahade , Last updated: 13 September 2021  

Be it CA, CS, or other professional exams; Students experience high levels of stress and anxiety. The situation worsens when, unfortunately, one or more objects or attempts fail. Sometimes, even if you prepare well, the results are unexpectedly bad. This is frustrating for any student and, if not treated fairly, can affect their future performance. Students should not emphasize their poor results and understand that the only way is always the other way around. Students need to go through the situation well with a cool mind and prepare effectively not to repeat themselves and get positive results.

Here we discuss the best exam stress management tips that can help students fail exam trauma & pass the examination on their next attempt. Be more determined to remember this even if you fail a subject or exam; never stop trying once or twice or thrice. Also, find out that you can sit at home and learn the most from CS online lectures

Read the six basic tips below to deal with negative results or scores in exams and prepare well for the future:

1. Check the cause of the failure

Instead of worrying about failure and becoming depressed, the most important thing is to find out the reason behind it by looking at your failure from an analytical point of view. What could be a better outcome than failure? What can you learn from this to prevent this from happening in the future? Try to find solutions to all these problems to get a good score on the next attempt.

How To Deal With Failure In CS Exam

2. Change your point of view

This is the next critical and meaningful action to be taken after a negative or bad result. Tell yourself that you will be effectively prepared the next time you try and that you will not let this happen again. Learn more about this and learn as you've never done before without leaving a stone at your feet. In addition to skills, also work on mistakes made in previous exams. Errors can be caused by poor time management, lack of priorities, wrong concept/topic selection, frantic attempts at the paper, etc. Therefore, admit your mistakes and change your attitude towards the exam.

3. Think positively about the following experiences

This is the person who can help you cope with a distressing situation. Instead of just thinking about failure, think about it. Bring positivity within you that can help you move forward with a broader vision of success. Let's just say it's just a bad day that won't happen again in the future. But always remember, "Being positive is never ignoring the negative. Being positive is eliminating the negative."

4. Stop worrying about your failures

You have failed an exam, must be depressed and want to talk to someone. As mentors, we at Tushar Pahade Classes (TPC) are always there for you. Discuss what problems you experienced after failing the exam. This will help you understand better so you can continue exercising. Don't dwell on negative thoughts about your exam, as keeping those thoughts in check won't help the exam on your next attempt. On the contrary, it will increase your stress and anxiety levels. If the results in the example stress you out, stop now! And work to pass the next exam.


5. Follow other strategies to study for the next exam

If you fail an exam, you may not realize what concept you're missing, that you've lost your test score. Do not be tense; and instead take the syllabus for your failed subjects/exams and start preparing accordingly. If you think there are some topics you are good at, give them a thorough review. Don't miss any of the topics mentioned in the module. Study the entire curriculum, get clarity on each topic, practice well, and get good results for your next exam. Check out the best CS notes from Tushar Pahade Classes and prepare for the exam in the best possible way.


6. Do your best

Even if you prepare adequately for the exam, sometimes you can feel tense while taking the exam. The feeling of low grades alone makes you stressed and anxious. Instead of feeling pressured or anxious about the exam, wait for the results to come and be confident in the exam, think about your hard work and dedication.

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