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Success Mantra for CS Exam

Tushar Pahade , Last updated: 24 April 2021  

Every year young students, full of energy, perseverance and enthusiasm, take professional courses as company secretaries (CS) to become professional and successful in their careers and lives. The Institute of Corporate Secretaries of India, a body required by the law of Parliament, holds foundation, executive and professional level examinations for courses every June and December. This exam is inherently difficult because the passing rate is very well maintained, which is why most students fail. In order to take the exam, you need to know how to prepare for the CS exam.

When you ask teachers, seniors or dropouts, or even fellow students about company secretary exam preparation; everyone has a different strategy, schedule, and model for training and exam preparation that is best suited for them to achieve the desired results. Then, listen to all of them, find out what works best for you, and create training mock-ups to prepare for your exam so that you can reach the ultimate goal of solving the CS exam and turning yourself into a professional !!

Everyone studies hard and thoroughly, but to mark those perfect marks and cover this great program, the following tips will be useful and helpful which we have brought exclusively for you from the desk of CS Tushar Pahade Sir (LAWgical Guruji):

Success Mantra for CS Exam

Understand the model and curriculum

Dear students, before you prepare for your CS exam; this requires a thorough study of what you will actually be preparing for. Get to know your topic and subject according to the stage you are preparing for. Each level has a different group and its own subjects and curricula. To pass separate subjects, you must provide at least 40% of the grade. However, passing a level/program or module in a level/program is a mandatory aggregate of 50% marks. If you participate in a foundation program, the following topics will be covered:

Conceptual Clarity

To prepare for the CS exam, there needs to be a focus on basic and conceptual clarity. Detailed study of each subject and subjects is a necessity for the classroom. First, prioritize the preparation of difficult topics. Such topics are time-consuming. So if you borrow first, you’ll have plenty of time. Get rid of your weaknesses and master the subject by understanding the basics and turning them into your strengths. This will definitely increase your confidence!



Make a schedule for yourself. Allow sufficient time for each article. The schedule should be planned according to the test date. The preparation of each subject must be time-limited and one must try to complete it within the stipulated time frame. So time management should be such that every subject and the entire course is completed on time. Expansion of studies should be avoided.

Preparation must start at least three months before the test day. The entire course must be revised at least twice before the exam. One or a maximum of two preparatory subjects must be taken in each case. If you are taking two subjects, try to choose theoretical subjects and practical subjects. This helps to refresh the mind.


Prepare yourself

Independent study has always been considered great. Self-study has always proven conceptually flawless. Surveys must be routine. At least three to four hours per day must be scheduled for preparation. Complete at least one revision exam paper each day.

 In addition to what you learn at the training centre (this is always optional), students place a lot of emphasis on self-study, which in turn helps stop the exam. Self-study takes a lot of effort, but it increases your reticence and shortens the curriculum. Nothing in this world can replace hard work.

Our exam preparation and results are undoubtedly related! The more thoroughly and sincerely you study and prepare, the more likely you are to have positive results.

Book selection

Studies can be carried out from all available books, i.e from study materials provided by the Institute of Corporate Secretaries of India, nude acts, or other books recommended by the Institute on the subject. The guidance provided by the institute is also relevant. Try to study intelligently by understanding which chapters and topics are related and taking them into account as you study. Taking your own notes, highlighting and highlighting relevant topics, will save you time in reviewing exam days. Try to remember chapters, cases, and facts so they can be cited in the research.

Avoid distractions

Stay motivated and away from distractions like social media, cell phones, etc. And try to stay focused at all times. But also remember not to compromise when you sleep. This helps to keep focused on your goals and take care of your health. Eat well, sleep well and study well!

Each student can plan and plan a strategy based on what they think is appropriate. Ultimately, what matters is the positive outcome of a planned and strategic study that will help you get the most out of yourself, in order for you to become a successful and experienced professional who will shape your whole life. So choose the most suitable package for exam preparation.

Apart from traditional books, now there are still many other opportunities for students to improve their information, knowledge and skills. Students can take advantage of the various coaching centres that are available to them at any time. There are options like online and offline coaching and other search engines like Google, Yahoo and others. Which students can use to stay up-to-date and expand their knowledge space? Through online learning centres and the Internet, students can always stay up to date on certain topics and get a lot of information for free and without wasting a lot of time.

Our exam preparation and results are undoubtedly related! The more thoroughly and sincerely you study and prepare, the more likely you are to have positive results.

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