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How to do self study-basics

Member (Account Deleted) Guest , 06 January 2011  

My friends if you have decided to do self study......I just want to mention a few points that i think will help you.Actually this is my way of doing self study....hope it proves useful to you too.

1)Go through the syllabus .this is the first thing you shud do when you are doing self study.U should know what all portions u have to cover,what all chapters are there ,the marking scheme if any.Just get an overview of each subject.

2)start from the chapters you like the most can be sabse chota chapter,pehle se padha hua chapter/topic....chapter  you are familiar can be anything you want to start with......It will help you develop interest in that particular subject.

3)Divide the syllabus in different portions.It will be easy for you to cover and keep a track of the portions that are left.

4)As you are your own teacher .no one is going you to tell you how much portion you should cover in a particular will have to be a bit disciplined to cover atleast a specific portion eachday.

5)have a proper study environment.....keep ur books organised ...else you wont feel like touching your books.....its always good to have a study table....

6)cover the syllabus in time.....revision is very very important.

7)while reading chapter for the first time...underline the the main points in the book....and make your own notes,just jot down the important points .Sit with a dictionary....some words used in study material are not in simple prepared to do your own research

8)there is nothing such as 8 ghante padho or 10 ghante padho.Study according to your capacity.if you sit with the book in front of you for 10 hours and nothing goes into your head i think its of no use.Study till the time your brain accepts what you are feeding to it ,....when brain stops receiving the info take a break and enjoy....then you can study again......In CA the syllabus is vast you have to study a lot but that does not mean you cant enjoy......but make sure you study regularly....regular studies is very important...

9)for subjects such as Accounts,Cost/fm, Tax .buy a good book for reference clear your concepts will help you to understand the topic better.Read the study material(icai) completely for all subjects.

10) be aware of the latest amendments and changes your syllabus.

11)Aim high ....always remember your goal,workhard....u will surely succeed .have faith in urself your abilities.

just have a mindset from the beginning to do well,scorewell,give your 100% and never let the enthusiasm drop.:D

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