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Last-Minute Tips & Tricks for Acing Your CA Exams

Khush Trivedi , Last updated: 23 March 2024  

Last-Minute Tips and Tricks for Acing Your CA Exams


As we all know the CA intermediate & Final exams are approaching very fast & every CA students are currently studying very hard to clear their exams but practically we all know that every students who will give the exams may or may not clear the exams as in the world of Charted Accountancy there can never be 100% results or rather I can say not even more than 30% results at all levels of CA exams.

Let me tell you my personal experience after getting distinction at CA Foundation Level while I was studying in My CA Intermediate Exams in my first attempt I scored 400+ in aggregate with 4 Exemptions but some how not able to manage one of my paper & got 34 marks which results into First Failure of my life. But in my opinion, Failure Shouldn't Define You, But It Can Help Shape You. So, let's talk about some tips & tricks that I have personally applied & able to clear my exams.

Which material you should follow?

So everyone knows after pandemic the Online coaching has grown tremendously. There are various Great Faculties available in today's era who provides their personal study materials Even if they are sufficient & comprehensive every CA students must not avoid ICAI STUDY MATERIAL as it contains primary Concepts with multiple Illustrations & examples. I have seen many of my friends avoiding some of the chapters from module out of which there are several direct questions in the Exam from module itself.

How many times revision is required?

As we all know there is so much content which need to be covered before the final exams which creates difficulty to revise all the content one day before the exams. So one stop solution of this problem is REVISION. Every student must revise the course for atleast 2 to 3 times before appearing for their finals as a Revision is just another step towards perfection!

What about writing practice?

Reading & revising the course will not provide fruitful results as ultimately you need to write in the exams on the basis of your written paper ICAI will give marks. As Written practice is most important when it comes to preparation of practical papers. A practice will give you more confidence than a revision of concepts can give so every student is required to give at least 3 Full Course mock tests before the Final one.

Must Read

  • Every student must go through all Mock Test papers, Revision Test papers & Past papers for at least Last 5 attempts.
  • Must Go through all the Statutory updates in the Taxation& Law.
  • Go through with ICAI newly published Quick Referencers for last-minute revision in form of Charts & tables.

Trust yourself

Clearing CA exams will require so much level of dedication & hard work , consistency, dedication, self belief. If you will not trust your self then you wouldn't perform well in the exams as There is quote saying CA is not only regular exam but it is kind of game of mental capacity. The only thing that supports you in the examination hall is your mental dilemma if you are confident enough then you can surely perform well.

Don't compare your preparation with your friends as it will only demotivate you.

Key Tips for Practical Subjects

As we know that practical subjects will help you to score good marks & will help to build your aggregate following some of the tips which you can apply while writing your practical paper.

  • Practice more & more.
  • Don't forget to write Working notes in the questions as ICAI will provide step wise marking.
  • Work on presentation.
  • Don't use short forms.
  • Must go through with all Illustrations & Test Your knowledge Sums Provided in ICAI study material.

Key Tips for Theory Subjects

As we all know the only barrier which most of the students will face that is theory papers as it requires some of the specific language & keywords to gain good marks following point must be remembered before appearing for Theory papers

  • Must Focus on KEYWORDS specially in the subject of AUDIT &Strategic Management.
  • Mention Sections is beneficial in the subject Law.
  • Revise Consistently & regularly.
  • Try to make own charts & tables to revise the content faster.

Personal Health

As CA exam preparation want so much Hours of Study in order to study effectively do focus on your health specially in the last month of Examinations avoid junk foods , Eat on regular timings, do exercise & meditation which will help you to built your mental health & increase your Concentration , sleep well, don't be depressed, be in a Good surrounding with positive vibes.

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