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My warm greetings to all the readers out there! Have you ever been in a situation that you bought a particular Novel or a book and wanted to finish it as soon as you can (Within a specified time)? Or you may have a deep craving to know what happens at the end? Or have you ever faced a situatio..

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Me and my CA Story

  CA Gyati Gupta    28 January 2019 at 11:38

Here begins my CA Journey with complete honesty. I passed out my 12th during 2011-12, CPT in June 2012, IPCC Both Groups in first attempt during May 2013. Thereafter began the life changing story of CA Final. More Relaxed now, less worried about studies because Exams were to happen after 3 yea..

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A Few Life Hacks

  CA Gyati Gupta    06 December 2018 at 10:44

My Greetings to all the readers out there. Today I would jot down a few advises or words quoted by a few well known public figure and a few by Anonymous , which I found worth sharing 1. "Six best doctors to cure your health in your life are Exercises, Diet, Rest, Sunlight, Self-Confi..

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Meaning:  Every organization requires funds to carry out its business activities. It can raise funds either externally or through internal sources. When the companies want to go for the external sources, they may resort to various means. Two of the most popular means to raise money are Initi..

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3 Habits to live a better Life

  CA Gyati Gupta    16 July 2018 at 10:52

My Greetings to all the readers out there. I am thankful to you all for lavishly appreciating my writing previously (Life Beyond Chartered Accountancy). It was truly encouraging and worked as a morale booster for me. In this write up I have listed 3 Habits that must be inculcated in order to b..

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My greetings to all the people out there reading this write up. Although I am not a CA yet but still I possess something really precious, which is, the art of living. My life has been a lesson to me so far, which I am going to share with you all. I am taking you all to the Journey of Unaddressed ..

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Slump Sale and Its Taxability

  CA Gyati Gupta    09 April 2018 at 11:34

In M&A transactions, "Slump Sales" are considered to be one of the most preferred ways of carrying out a deal due to various tax and stamp duty incentives associated with it. Meaning of 'slump sale' In simple words, 'slump sale' is nothing but transfer of a whole ..

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I have started writing this article keeping in mind the questions raised in minds of salaried class taxpayers. Also, it is aimed to address the doubts of all those who file the Return of their salaried class clients. Employer-Employee Relationship If you are in an employee-employer relationshi..

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The Chartered Accountants and The Advocates are under a lot of pressure to meet the deadline of Mar 31, 2018. It is quite obvious as the closing of March 2018 is surely going to be the scariest deadlines for all those Who have yet not filed ITR for AY 2016-17 and AY 2017-18. Who have duly fi..

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Everyone is aware that income is earned in Year 1 and assessed to tax only after the completion of Year 1 i.e. in the next Year; Year 2. That’s why Income Tax Department uses the term Assessment Year almost everywhere. But few cases are exceptions to this basic rule of Income Tax. They are ..

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