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sudipta das

Is UTI Fixed Term Income Fund Series XXXI - V (1174 Days) a Debt fund ?? Is it to be shown under other assets in ITR 2 for its sale ??

10 July 2023 at 16:09

Speculative or non specualtive


Need clarification on below points.

1. Trading in MCX commodity is speculative or non speculative? Trading in intraday or holing till the contract period does it change the nature of specualtive or non speculative?

2. In MCX commodity we select contract as either Future or options, can we say it is Futures and options?

3. Trading in NSE, futures is F & O?

4. In MCX commodity also Futures and in NSE also future does both transaction belongs to Future and options?

Pankaj Jain
27 June 2023 at 17:38

Off Market transaction

Sebi has recently put a category of shares under ESM category wherein trading is permitted once a week on Monday. We wish to buy some shares from off market of one of the company shares under ESM since their shares are under freez in last 1-2 trading weekly session so need your advice whether we can buy off market at the last traded price


1. Is any registration, license or certification mandatory for providing training/coaching for "Online Commodity Trading - profitable strategies" to interested persons or a fee, via online & offline mode?
2. I wrote to the SEBI requesting clarification, but they too failed to respond with a direct answer and instead asked me to go through the FAQ's for 'Investment Advisors' on their website. So my second question is does the above fall under an 'Investment Advisor' (IA)? If yes, how, because I will not be giving any investment advice & next I will be providing training only for Commodities and not Securities/Equity Stock market, so how will it fall under an 'IA'?
Thanks in advance for all who may respond.

Buchipalli Kowshik
13 June 2023 at 15:28

Sweat Equity Shares Issue

Can a company issue sweat equity shares for services to be received in future? Kindly quote with section

Ashish Aggarwal

Can I receive Stocks as Gift from Non Relative of value above 5 Lakhs.

Now, If I don't Sell these Stocks then no tax liability on me.
Only Dividend is taxable for me.
No tax on donor.

Please Help.

Uddhav Sankpal
31 May 2023 at 09:29

Investment in shares trading

Is there any specific conditions lead down for a Pvt ltd manufacturing company to invest in shares trading?


Dear Experts,

Regarding the subject matter, whether any legal (or such) restriction exists restricting us to buy shares/stocks from primary or secondary markets using the amount received from gold loan provided by banks/NBFC or ay other financial companies.
Whether we need to make any other protocols/formalities on IT point of view to proceed with such stocks investents.
Plesse advise.

Amit Singhi
22 May 2023 at 16:31

Extinguishment of delisted shares

Hello I had shares of kwality Ltd, a company that got delisted, the shares of the company were extinguished from my account without my consent and without me getting any extinguishment/buyback compensation for the same. Is it normal

Read more at: https://www.caclubindia.com/experts/ask_query.asp

CA Abhishek Singh
19 May 2023 at 07:54

Duration of a perpetual bond ??

Duration of a perpetual bond is ?
1. Infinity
2. Impossible to calculate
3. Can be computed with ytm & coupon

This question was asked in IBBI valuation exam . I answered no.3

Can anyone answer this ?

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