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This Query has 10 replies

This Query has 10 replies


Sanjay Gupta
This Query has 1 replies

This Query has 1 replies

Dear Sir, the followings are facts and queries :

Facts :
1. I am a salaried person and living on the rent at Mumbai and HRA is part of my salary break-up;
2. I have a 1 let-out property at Rajasthan and paying a housing loan interest of 2L yearly;
3. Recently I have purchased a flat at Thane and paying a housing loan interest of 4.5L yearly; where my family is living there.

1. Am I eligible to claim the HRA by considering the Mumbai and Thane different City?
2. Can I claim the Housing loan interest (2L - let out) Plus/and Max 2L for a new thane flat by this self-occupied as my parents are living there and considering as Mumbai a different city?
3. is there any way to claim the entire 4.5L+2L housing loan interest?

Thank you!!

U K Prabhu
This Query has 1 replies

This Query has 1 replies

11 April 2021 at 15:59



I am a IT payer. Investment in Bank Term deposits. Recently Syndicate bank merged with Canara Bank.
Till Feb 2021 TDS on accrued interest payout was done on quarterly basis on the Qly date of deposit.
As usual they have deducted TDS in 1st Feb, 2021 i.e. on the Qly date of deposits.
To my surprise they once again deducted TDS on 31st March,2021 on accrued interest for two months.
All my deposits are to be matured with compound interest.
On enquiry it is told that this is due to some change in version of program.
Thus I am liable to pay next higher slab of Income Tax.
Please guide what shall I do?


CMA Omkar.TIlve online
This Query has 6 replies

This Query has 6 replies

11 April 2021 at 13:42

Debit Note/Credit Note-Urgent Please

Client is a ultratech cement dealer. After the sales have been done by the dealer. The company revises sale price (gives discount) to my client (the dealer). As such company issues credit note. Client has properly reversed ITC in GSTR-3B. But did not issue debit note. This has been happening for almost 2-3 years.

What are the consequences and what is the procedure to rectify the same
Is issuance of debit note mandatory. Which form to use and how to file and rectify the same

Thanks in Advance

This Query has 2 replies

This Query has 2 replies

10 April 2021 at 19:19


My turnover is high when compared to previous year. The Gross Profit value more than previous year.
But the Percentage of margin is getting low when compared with previous FY. My doubt is gross profit arrived with value or percentage of margin value. Previous GP % is 12.36% but in this FY GP % 11.00 but the Gross Profit value is high. please explain which is important Gross profit value or percentage value.

sonu Reddy
This Query has 1 replies

This Query has 1 replies

10 April 2021 at 16:06

Transfer of propertership firm

My father has died and Iwant to continue the business and it has a propertership firm and I want to continue the firm but threr is no nominee , so can I continue the same propertership firm

This Query has 3 replies

This Query has 3 replies

Please Expert Provide solution, My Pvt LTD company paid two times registration fee while registering for the company, now it want to use that excess money for increasing Authorised Capital from 6 crore to 12 crore, what is the procedure to be followed for increasing the Capital

Nandu Kumar
This Query has 4 replies

This Query has 4 replies

I am Kumar from Vellore,Tamilnadu and I am a registered GST dealer and doing a business of FMCG Distribution in my town.
For the distribution of goods to the market place (Retail Outlets), I use to hire truck from a local goods carrier operator and pay him on a daily basis, depending upon the load factor and distance factor.

The Local carrier operator is not a GTA (who is not issuing Goods Consignment Note) and not GST registered operator. He simply provide the truck and make the transport of goods.

Even Loading and Unloading of goods also not part of the transport operator, I am paying directly to the local coolies.

He only provide the Invoice for the payment of transportation.

My daily payment to the transport operator is around Rs.5000 and the total annual payment will be Rs.14 to 15 Lakhs approximately.

Since, the transport operator, not coming under the ambit of GTA (upto my knowledge on GST Act) , RCM is not applicable, and the services by the local transport operator is exempted from GST.

So, As of now, I am not doing any Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) entry in my GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B returns for the transportation expenses which I have incurred.

I kindly requesting you to advise me on the transportation expenses, which I am incurring will come under GTA or Non GTA and moreover, the RCM is applicable or not applicable on the same.

Since, the Financial year 2020-21 is ended and going to file the March 2021 GST return in this week, I kindly requesting you to clarify my humble request at the earliest. Which may even helpfull to many of my collegue distributors in the distribution industry.

With regards,

Pragati Sharma
This Query has 2 replies

This Query has 2 replies

10 April 2021 at 12:25

E-Invoicing applicability

A GST registered Taxpayer is having multiple GSTIN in different states.

Aggregate Turnover PAN basis:
FY 2017-18 - 60 Cr
FY 2018-19 - 62 Cr
FY 2019-20 - 72 Cr

One of the GSTIN whose turnover is Rs. 50 crore in each FY is a GTA. The GTA is providing both road and rail transport.

1. Whether e-invoicing will be applicable?
2. Whether we will look into average turnover from FY 2017-18 to 19-20 or if turnover over exceeds Rs. 50 crore in any of the FY from 17-18 to 19-20 will also make e-invoicing applicable?
3. Whether the turnover of GTA will be inlcluded while checking the applicability for all the GSTIN?

Anil Jain online
This Query has 2 replies

This Query has 2 replies

My CA had filed form 15CB and I filed form 15CA for a foreign remittance. However, bank did not accept these and wanted some changes. Since, over 7 days already passed, it is not possible to withdraw form 15CA online. Hence, fresh form 15CB and 15CA had to filed to meet requirement of the bank for the same remittance.
Please let me know, how and who to request for cancelling the earlier filed forms- which were not used.
Thanks in advance.