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Painting Business daily small bills issue turnover Rs. above 5 Crore, they are not issuing einvoice, manual invoice.

My doubt they generate einvoice for small bills also or uploading once all invoices in one time

What is the time limit to upload all invoices for einvoice generation
Previous account person september to till date not generated einvoices now we have to upload einvoices once all if any penalty arise. please clarify my doubts

Thanking you,

Bhagwati Udyog
24 May 2024 at 13:08

Important checklist with due dates

Hi Everyone,

I am a business owner manufacturing spare parts. I am also providing related services. Can anyone provide me a printable checklist or calendar for GST filing so that I can refer to it and understand the process better?


Dear Experts,

What treatment to be done for GST input balance remaining after GSTIN is cancelled and GSTR 10 also filed.

Pls advice


arvind chouhan
24 May 2024 at 09:44

GST on Royalty paid

Pls. explain all the scenario of GST on Royalty, i.e. non Associates /Associates enterprises with time of supply.


Input will be available if the buyer is from different state and the supplier and place of supply is same state so the supplier charge cgst and sgst as per rules will the buyer of different state avail input


One of my client has not issued some bill of Supplies and Tax Invoices for Prev year 2023-24.
He has received payments in his bank account but forgot to issue GST Invoices, approx amount is 50-60 lacs time limit of 30 days have passed, and has already supplied goods, he is into Kirana business.
What is the solution now Please reply?

arvind chouhan

Pls. explain all the scenario of Expats taxation from prospective of GST on which amount GST is required to pay,
i,e, Indian portion or Total (Indian+ Foreign)

Mahesh S M

What will happen if the details of issued documents are not updated in GSTR-1? How can I update it later if there are any issues?



Anybody can help me out for below query?

Is the E-way bill applicable for the transport of gold and other precious metals?

Thanks in advance.

Sudhir Patil

Clients inform to consignor mention ship to address as consignor GST No and address and billing address GST of buyer. It is correct or not. Second what is the movement of goods as per GST act, goods moved or not. What are the impact of GST on the transaction. Please practitioner CA inform me.