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Our client has been giving his services to overseas customers and getting payments in freely convertible currency (more than 15000 usd p.a.). His service type is Research and development. It's a clinical research organization rending services like Clinical Research, Bioanalytical Research, Project Management & Biopharmaceutics.

Can the above services come under division 85 of the CPC list of DGFT? Can he apply for SEIS benefits?

Buyer : Mr. A (India)
Remittee: Mr. B (USA)
Seller: Mr. C (Dubai)

Proforma Invoice from Mr. B (USA), amount paid to Mr. B (USA).
Invoice, BL from Mr. C (Dubai) mentioning Buyer as Mr. A (India).

Due to different Remittee and Seller , Buyer is facing problem to submit Exchange Control copy to bank.

What are the documents require to complete the circle.

surrendered bill of lading is consigned to applicant. So impossible to insist a surrendered BL to indicate consignee as “to the order of issuing bank”. When issuing amendment allowing presentation of surrendered BL, issuing bank may or may not raise point.
surrendered BL is not a transport documents covered by UCP 600 articles 19-25. It is examined only to the extent expressly stated in the L/C, otherwise according to UCP 600 sub-article 14(f).
Now in case of LC/ CAD, if there is a surrrendered/ telex release BL, how to convince Bank

17 June 2020 at 16:18

ITC of Social & Welfare Surcharge

Input is not available of Custom Duty paid at the time of import. But whether itc is available of Social & Welfare Surcharge paid at the time of import of goods?

03 June 2020 at 12:15

Tax on Reimbursement

Dear Experts,
if agent paid the custom charges on the behalf of goods receiver, and reimbursing the charges later on, should agent charge the GST on reimbursement amount?

if Yes, we should deduct TDS U/S 194 C on gross value including reimbursement?

Kindly provide the fees for EPCG with complete details

21 May 2020 at 10:51

Addition of branch in IEC

Is it compulsory to add branch in IEC?
What are the consequences of non compliance?
If reference of the rules or any government website available, then please provide..

Thanks in advance.

12 May 2020 at 13:05

IEC Status 9

Hello-My IEC status at icegate shows 9 (amendment) since I applied.
1. How to get ti changed to 0 (normal)?
2. Can I export with status being 9?


Respected experts,

one of my friend having offer for his industrial products from sirya. I request you to provide the documents evidence if there is any restriction to export from India to Sirya?

whether export to sirya is advisable?

Thanks in advance.

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