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P V Gopal
02 August 2022 at 16:45

Leave System

Just doubt

Suppose Tuesday or Friday fall holiday.
I can avail leave on Monday or Saturday.
Will my leave fall under casual leave counting one day or earned leave counting three days.

In the same manner, if I avail leave on Monday and Tuesday, with they fall under casual leave counting two days or earned leave counting three days.

Requesting valuable guidance please.

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08 July 2022 at 12:00



Can anyone provide letter format from Company to employees that first vesting period is over and now eligible to exercise the stock options.

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akshay maloo

I wanted to make an partnership deed for my client who is in business of Buying, Developing and Selling of Plots.

Can you guide me in Object Clause?

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Atul Nagarkar
25 May 2022 at 11:14


I want to know about LLP . Kindly share it same as partnership firm or compnay.

Kindly share it is urgent it full details like entries etc.

I want to about Tds . How to deduct and make entry with percentage with accounting entries.

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sampad mohanty
22 May 2022 at 22:50

LLP Form 11

Can Designated partner put his/her digital signature in both Verification and Certificate? Please help me.

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Hi All

What would be the ESI applicability if an employee getting salary with different amount due to receipt of Sales incentive? (Fixed pay + Sales incentive)

Please clarify me what a company do comply with ESI provisions on below instances.

Instance 1:

An employee is getting salary of Rs. 25000 (Fixed Rs. 20000+Incentive Rs. 5000) including Sales incentive in a month. What will be ESI contribution?

Instance 2:

The same employee getting salary of Rs. 20000 (Fixed Rs. 20000+Incentive Rs. 0) including Sales incentive in a month. What will be ESI contribution?

Is anybody can guide me in this regard?

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Sanjib Mukherjee
30 April 2022 at 11:19

Essential Commodities Act

Is there any certificate or License under Essential Commodities Act, West Bengal
If yes then is it mandatory or optional and where we can apply for this certificate or License

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02 February 2022 at 16:18


My Company is small pvt company..there are 2 directors. both directors has sign share certificate..but who will sign share certificate in place of authorised signatory..as Board are not allow the third party to sign the same.

Also, wanted to confirm that who will sign share transfer entry on back of share certificate...director who already sign share certificate can they sign the same?

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rahul pagare

Pls. SHARE NOC of other partner for accord one partner an Occupier for partnership firm

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27 December 2021 at 14:07


Dear Sir/Madam,

From which date Vigil Mechanism requirement will be applicable i.e. the date on which borrowing exceed RS 50 cr or as on March 31 of the year?

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