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Rahul Singh

If updated return filed with same income as revised return which was processed by cpc. Additional tax under section 140b is paid Is there chance of updated return becoming invalid.

Ankur Aggarwal
13 July 2024 at 10:04

Gift Received - To be shown in ITR?


I have received a monetary gift from my mother in FY 23-24. I have made a gift deed and got it notarised.
1. Do I need to show the gift in ITR in Exempt Income?
2. In which sub clause of section 10 to put it or I have to put it under any other?
3. Any problems if i forget to mention it in ITR?


raghavendra b




Akshay Kumar
12 July 2024 at 22:46

Deducted 194 H

This is commision on sale with with credit card ..So can I show it under 44ad as presumptive business income ..My friend uses his credit card for commission sale and in AIS it was showing credit card payment of 14 lakhs .. mostly done for credit card sale .So is that sufficient to file 44ad with showing profit of 12 percentage.

Akshay Kumar
12 July 2024 at 21:49

TDS deducted 1250 under 194c

Hi I am a film artist and tds deducted under 194c ..can I file itr 4 and furnish under 44 ada or 44ad which is appropriate please answer

12 July 2024 at 21:44

Ineligible ITC in 3B

Ineligible ITC has been claimed in FY 23-24, now in which column should it be reversed in 3B of June 24?

Rajesh Kumar

Hi ,

I provide freelance medical writing services to agency. They deducted my TDS under 194 JB and 194C. I filed my ITR 1 and CPC sent me message that defective filing (below is the message). Kindly guide me which ITR it will be applicable

You have filed your income-tax return in form ITR-1. As per TDS details in your Form 26AS, taxes have been deducted under sections 194IA/194IC/194M/194S/194C/194B/194BB/194BA, etc. of the Income-tax Act, 1961. These sections are reflected as (4IA/4IC/94M/94S/94C/94B/4BB/4BA) in Form 26AS. These sections imply heads of income for which form no. ITR-1 is not the appropriate form. Thus, the required schedules for reporting incomes pertaining to said TDS sections are not present in your return of income filed in form no. ITR-1.
Probable Resolution
You are being provided with an opportunity to make necessary corrections and file a return of income in the appropriate form so that income and taxes may be determined correctly in accordance with the Income-tax Act, 1961 duly disclosing the complete gross receipts/income reflecting in your form 26AS under the relevant schedules of the ITR. Please note that as per Rule 37BA of the Income-tax Rules, credit of TDS is allowable to the person in whose hands the income is assessable and in the year (AY) in which such income is assessable.

Thanks and Regards

Vijayalakshmi Tummapudi
12 July 2024 at 16:53

Consideration amount on Stamp paper

I have to submit several Affidavits and Indemnity bonds for applying for duplicate share certificates. These documents have to be executed on stamp paper. While filling stamp paper, we have to fill in " Consideration Amount". Since duplication procedure does not involve any transactions in terms of sale/purchase, what should be filled against Consideration Amount? Similarly for claiming dividends/share certificates from IEPF portal, we are required to submit the auto generated Indemnity bond on stamp paper. In this case also, no transaction is involved. So what should be the Consideration amount?

suresh s. tejwani
12 July 2024 at 16:34

Regarding Motor cruiser vehicle

ABC company is purchase of Motor CRUISER Vehicle and this Vehicle use in our business for transfer of employees, this vehicles is Taxi Parsing Vehicle.

is ITC of this vehicle available for this company??


can we purchase vehicle on the name of authorized person's Wife and show it as a business of Renting vehicle.


Hey. I just cleared my CA intermediate and going on for articleship but want to do a side course till my finals … so should I go for actuarial science ? Is it a good combination? And need details about actuary

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