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Dharm Singh Brari
14 April 2024 at 10:33

RCM on consultancy charges

Is RCM is applicable for consultancy charges of non-lawyer persons

Aditi Goel

Reason: Return has been filed u/s 139(8A), but it is not accompanied by the valid proof of payment of tax as required u/s 140B.

I received this notice for AY 2021-22. I had non taxable income in AY 2021-22 but filed it last year with a late fee of Rs.1000.

Should I agree or disagree with the defect in response?

suresh s. tejwani

Can appeal be filed against appellate authority for Rejection of refund order of DRC-06 for inadvertant duty ?

pooja Garg
13 April 2024 at 18:41

New tax regime and old tax regime

Can u switch between old n new Regime every year?

Phanindhra kotha
13 April 2024 at 17:35

Section 80EEA

Dear Sir,

i have received a housing loan of 43,00,000, in the month of April - 2024. I need to give investment declaration to my company where i am working.
but the section 80EEA is application for loans sanctioned between 2017 & March 2022.
is there any update with respect to extension of applicability of section 80EEA.
If no, pls kindly suggest me for investment declaration.

pooja Garg

One of my friend bought the property from builder in cheque amount but builder is registry not done and after some years builder returns the money with extra amount.

I want to know what will impact in income tax extra money will be given by builder?

jignesh sitapara
13 April 2024 at 15:37

Regarding CMP 02

Dear Expert, what to do if CMP -02 not filed when from regular to composition ?

Sudarshan Rawat
13 April 2024 at 10:55

Rectification u/s 154 possible?

Sir, I havesome wrong entry in short term capital gain as below:
Sales consideration: 4,17,00,000, Cost of acquisition: 4,13,00,000, short term capital loss around 4 lakh
I want to correct it as below :
Sales 1,15,00,000 , Cost of acquisition: 1,12,00,000, short term capital loss around 3 lakhs.
Apart from it, I have only salary income around 5 lakh on which I paid tax at that time, so there will not be any effect on net tax just figures correction. So kindly tell is it possible through rectification plz

S Ganesh

Note: Our Company is a Startup Company (Pvt Ltd)  with 18 Employees at present.  Our Director asks for suggestions:  1.  Get the EPF registration (or) 2. Contribute to Corporate NPS. 

Question:  1. Which one is Safe (Statutory need Purpose) for the Company in the Future? 2. Which one is better benefits to the employee and employer?   3. For Example Each Employee's Gross Salary is Rs.50,000/-  per month which one is cost-wise effective for the company?

Please guide me and also give your best suggestion.


12 April 2024 at 17:40

Form 112 of article ship

I have a query related to form 112.I am persuing b.com and it is my last semester and on 9 th April only my sem 6 university exam was completed.I had filled form 102 on 19th March and in that in other courses I had choosen ''no" option.But later on someone told me that it is compulsory to fill form 112 then I raise ticket on ssp portal regarding opening of form 112 .They open within 2 days .But later on I found that my college is of noon from 11 to 5 and office hours 11 to 6.So I fill wrong timings of morning and principal denied to sign.So what to do.Today is 12 th April.My college is over.What to do ? And also I have not stampted form 102 till now. It is ok to do with in 30 days.Please reply soon🙏