Annexure j1


22 March 2012

how to enter sales in annexure J1 supplement where no Tin No. is available.
For example if cash sales are made to individuals who dont have tin no.
thanks in advance.

CA CS Pawan Jajoo (Expert)
23 March 2012

Put it in last row , sales to non tin holders

harsh kothari (Querist)
23 March 2012

thanks for for your reply.
but i am not talking about form 704, I m taking about Separate annexure J1 which is available on the sales tax website.

the form is available in this link. Please Sir help me, it is to be filed before 31/03/2012. thank you. there is no row like sales to non tin holders

CA CS Pawan Jajoo (Expert)
23 March 2012

In separate annexure J1 , you have to put only sales to TIN Holders, Which Department will match with J2 of the purchaser.

harsh kothari (Querist)
23 March 2012

Thanks alot Sir.
The information provided by you is really very helpful. I am obliged.
Just one last thing, if I put the sales only to TIN holders, then the total amt of sales wont match with the amt which I have put in form 704 and already filed with the department. This wont be a problem rite???

Thanks once again.

:) :) :)

CA CS Pawan Jajoo (Expert)
23 March 2012

Dear Harsh

You are correcting the old filed 704 by this supplementary annexure. This is just to match OUR J1 with others J2 , and vice versa . There will not be any problem . this is to allow setoff to purchaser by matching data of sales and purchases.

harsh kothari (Querist)
23 March 2012

thanks a lot Sir.


Dayal (Expert)
24 June 2013

In the erstwhile J1 there was the option of others.
Now the customer says to incorporate his tin number
In the supplimentary annexure if we put the cusotmer details now and show is sales, what happens to the sales of this customer shown under others.

We could have put negative figure if there would have been other line items to match our sales figures,

Whether now this sales will get added to the total gross sales already declares or this is only statistical data for matching sales and purchase.

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