13 November 2019 at 01:37

TDs on sale of property

I hv booked a under construction flat costing Rs.6300000 for that I hv paid 10percent of booking amount in the month of aug 19,for this stamp duty and registration will be done subsequently, after this,builder is asking me to deduct TDS of 1 % on total flat cost in lumpsum rs.63000 .my enquiry is whether I can pay lumpsum TDS of 1% percent in advance or say at the beginning as my disbursement is in installment . I have paid Rs.630000 as a booking amount before finalizing the deal before sanctioning of loan from bank.Whether TDS is applicable on this booking amount before registration of flat as this is just as a booking amount .pls guide.

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13 November 2019 at 00:39

Article ship Form

Sir/Mam, I Had Taken Admission In B.Com 2 Years Back And Gave Exam Of First Semester Only After That I Have Left B.Com But Didn’t Took TC From The College And Now I Have Passed Group I Of Intermediate I Have Start Articleship So Should I Disclose The BCom Thing In Form 112 Or Not

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As per Sec 233(2) of Co.Act,2013, The ''transferee'' company shall file a copy of the scheme so approved (BY MEMBERS) in the manner as may be prescribed, with the CG, Registrar and the Official Liquidator. If A Pvt Ltd & B Pvt Ltd company WILL AMALGAMATE TO FORM A NEW COMPANY i.e.C Pvt Ltd, then here TRANSFEREE COMPANY WILL BE C PVT LTD. Now query-As C Pvt LTD HAS NOT YET BEEN INCORPORATED then who shall file the scheme u/s 233 as LAW MENTIONED THE WORD Transferee co?
2) When C will be formed--- after approval of CG or after approval of members ?

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12 November 2019 at 22:53

Gst on hotel business

What is the rate of gst on hotel business..
can i claim i.t.c if my turnover is more than 1.5 Crore and I opt for monthly scheme..

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12 November 2019 at 20:42

Export of Goods with Payment of IGST

Assessee in dealing in export of Goods.

The goods for the purpose of Export and being imported. The aforesaid goods are exempt from Customs Duty and IGST thereupon during Import of Goods. Duty Drawback is also availed on the said goods after export.

At present, the Assessee is exporting these goods without payment of IGST. However, the Assessee is having an Accumulated ITC of other Ancillary services procured in India.

Question Involved is; Whether to recover the unutilized ITC, Assessee can export these goods with Payment of IGST by utilizing ITC. ?

NB: Refund of Accumulates ITC is not eligible since these goods are subject to Duty Drawback.

Humbly requesting you to kindly share your views on the same.

Thanks in Advance.

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12 November 2019 at 19:42

Articleship registration

when i tried to submit my article registration form 103 for RO approval it shows error occured since 30 days ,please anybody help me to solve the problem

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A foreign company has sent a ship for some work say dredging (can be done by ship only) to India to a person who is a relative concern of another foreign company. that person has paid import duty by filing bill of entry. Now the foreign company wants to sell that ship to foreign buyer through that Indian relative concern. Question is , even the buyer and seller are not in taxable territory and are foreign nationals, just because the goods i.e. ship is lying in taxable territory, whether GST is applicable? Will it be a double taxation if afterwards , that foreign buyer resells that ship to an indian company and that company pays GST on import of goods ? please reply ASAP keeping in mind law regarding place of supply, import of goods etc.

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12 November 2019 at 18:50

Foreign Exchange Management

Whether NRI can make capital contribution in LLP engaged in real estate business (affordable housing) under FEMA ?

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We are suspended listed company in regional stock exchange and trying to delist.

The exchange require us to submit Annual Report and last four quarter results in listed company format, looking for CA who can help us.

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12 November 2019 at 16:31

Capital Gain on property Sale

Hello All
Sir I have purchased property in 2014 . Started Construction in 2018 and finish in 2019 Dec. I want to Sell it in Jan 2020. Whether the capital gain should be long term or short term? How to calculate the gains ?
Pl advise.

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