One of the company had fraudently used my PAN details to claim that TDS while I have not received any payment. I don't know whom to approach for complaint. I registered complaint with TRACES but they said that as TDs is deducted they can't take any action

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22 January 2019 at 01:11


Falsely, i have enhanced my salary as 11L(i have shown false TDS there also) & but previously (actually) it was 8L, and showed it to my present boss. On the basis of which i am getting a package of 16L now. But, right now, my employer is asking me to fill form 12B, where there is a clause of previous salary & tds deducted. How could i proceed in this situation now.
Please help me.

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Should I deduct TDS for the payment of rent ?
Even I dont not cover under tax audit.

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21 January 2019 at 22:56

Error code 332

I have received notice u/s 139(9) for A.Y.2018-19, error code 332 and error description that " tax payer has shown gross receipt or income under the head " profit and gains of business more than Rs.1 crore, however part A of profit & loss a/c and/or Balance Sheet have not been filled and the books of accounts have not been audited."

Yes I have filed ITR-3 for A.Y.2018-19 as per above error but I have shown this due to I have shown net profit above 8% as per 44AD, and paid tax accordingly. As per 44AD if the turnover is below 2 crore and net profit is above 8% than no requirement of tax audit & books of account.

Please suggest what reply I submit to Income tax department.

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21 January 2019 at 21:52

Refund reconfirmatio risk management

I have received mail to reconfirm refund for ay 2018-19.
Plz suggest me why this is raise and what will be implication of this

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21 January 2019 at 20:02

Arithmetical error and incorrect claim

I received the below communication from income tax. I don't understand what is this?
I didn't check this with in 30 days of notification , what is my next step?

A.5.A(IC)) AND (SL. NO. A.5.A(II)) IS

2)There is inconsistency in the STCG
amounts /Totals entered in schedule CG
OR Taxpayer is claiming deductions u/s
54 which are more than the amounts
allowable as per the respective sectio

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21 January 2019 at 19:56

After gst cancelation apply

I have applied my GST for canceling but it was 2 months and what can I do?

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21 January 2019 at 19:34

Format documnets

We have filed for 12a and 80g registration. Kindly provide the below mentioned document formats for our reference.

1. A declaration that no part of the income of the Trust/Society/Non Profit Company ensures directly or indirectly for the benefit of any person specified in section 13(1)(c) of the IT Act, 1961 and that no part of the income or the property of the Trust/Society/Company was ever used or applied for the benefit of any person specified in section 13(1)(c) of the IT Act, 1961.

2. File an undertaking that there will be no infringement to the 1st proviso to section 2(15) of the IT Act, 1961.

Looking forward for the response. Thanks.

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21 January 2019 at 18:45

Accounting treatement of fa entry

If a fixed assets has entered in my office on 20th march 2018, but i have not received the invoice till 31st March 2018, then what will be the accounting treatment on 31st march 2018 in my books?

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Sir we are doing works contract a Pvt Ltd company, we have to sell a old road work machinery is GST applicable on sale of old machinery if applicable at what rate we have to pay gst kindly tell us


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