25 May 2019 at 22:33

Export of plaster of paris

Respected sir,
I am asking on behalf of my friend who is a sculptor and during this visit to the Holy land of India, he was so inspired as to sculpt 5 statues in Pop material (plaster of paris). He would like to ship them back to his country. Can you advice what he should do? Thank you.

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21 May 2019 at 12:10

Ice gate registration

As a director of a company, I want to register on ICE GATE. I created ICEGATE user ID and mail ID by following the long procedure for registration.I couldn't attach the required documents on the site at that time. But now as the simplified auto registration procedure is introduced, can I use that same User ID & email ID for login/ complete registration? Also when I tried to go for the simplified auto registration, I did not recieve any OTP or password after putting IEC and GSTIN. Kindly guide as the customs department has held the company's package and we want to clear it out.

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Dear Sir/ Madam 

I Have Imported FMCG Goods, But Due to Some Changes in Custom Duties I am Unable to Clear My Shipment Beacuse Of Very High Duty Structure which Was not Before.

That's the Reason I Need to Relinquish my Shipment (Container) for Which I Need Guidance and Documentation Reqired for the Said Procedures. 

So, Can You Help Out or Suggest For The Procedures and Documentation On Immediate Basis Because my Shipment have Already Reached Destination (Delivery Port) ICD Sonipat.

Thanks & Regards 

Ummair Sapadia 

+91 98920 89035

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Para 6.15 (b)of FTP permits disposal of destroyed materials from EOU into DTA upon payment of applicable taxes under GST laws.

We (100% EOU) had some imported raw materials, which were rejected due to quality issues and as per the above FTP provision, we destroyed the same after intimation to Customs authorities and were about to sell it as scrap in the DTA on payment of GST on scrap value.

While checking on this, the DC, MEPZ is of the opinion that we need to discharge the Import Customs Duties (duty foregone) applicable on the Imported items, even if they are destroyed. The FTP says "........No duty shall be payable other than the applicable taxes under GST laws.......".

The FTP Para is for "Sale of Unutilized material", which confirms material can be sold or removed.

Please confirm if the Customs Duty has to be discharged, even if the imported material (rejected) is destroyed beyond use. We are willing to pay applicable GST on the scrap value.

Please let me know if any further details are required. Thanks very much and would appreciate an immediate response from the experts.


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Dear Sir/ Madam

Recently we are registered as firm (Partnership firm), i want to buy some products online (from other foreign online sites and import to india) or manufacturer or wholesaler from foreign countries, and the same products sell in amazon india and other indian online sites or wholesale or retail. what are the registrations required for this business ?
and is the mandatory to take DGFT licence ?
and need to file the custom duty returns ?
please explain clearly in detailed.

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03 May 2019 at 23:16

Provisional drawback

In case of demand of provisional drawback actual date of payment count for int calculations or not?

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28 April 2019 at 00:56


Dear sir
Please explain me ,if we are reimport the goods after repair so what invoice should be fob or cif,because custom will be charge duty
Both freight and insurance and repair value.

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Sir i regularly export to bhutan electronics goods. Can we export to bhutan the third country made goods on Indian rupees payment. As indian custom has stopped our goods from exporting to India on payment in Indian rupees. Pls sir clearify the matter.

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Hello there,

We are importing machined and we have total duty saved amount of 4.30 Cr.

From that arround 3.60 Cr is IGST amount and other is basic duty + cess.

Now i have 2 questions in mind.

1:- As our product is not export much and we can get more value of product in india. So if we want to surrender licence after 2 years with 30% of completed export of EO amount as we know that we are not able to export.

---> Is that possible?
---> What amount of duty and interest + penalty at time of surrender?

2:- If question 1 is possible then can we get set-off of IGST amount that we pay after surrender of licence?

If all question a accepted can you please give me link of government notification link.

Thanks waiting for reply.

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