21 August 2019 at 16:13

Epcg licence

Hello sir

How to calculate obligation of EPCG licence
how to submit documents to DGFT . can you please advice in details

Rahul Sonawane.

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One of my friend started a company with group. more than 10 years over private limited company started and he is also one of the Director n all are equal shares holders and they purchased some land on company name n they didn’t conduct a single meeting still now and they did file IT returns, now they got company strick off notice from govt. of India because no IT returns And they didn’t co-operate with my friend, So my question is how can he get that purchased land by equal shares. Company is still strick off.

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12 June 2019 at 11:50

Want to know process

how to change address of company in PTEC and PTRC

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21 May 2019 at 12:10

Ice gate registration

As a director of a company, I want to register on ICE GATE. I created ICEGATE user ID and mail ID by following the long procedure for registration.I couldn't attach the required documents on the site at that time. But now as the simplified auto registration procedure is introduced, can I use that same User ID & email ID for login/ complete registration? Also when I tried to go for the simplified auto registration, I did not recieve any OTP or password after putting IEC and GSTIN. Kindly guide as the customs department has held the company's package and we want to clear it out.

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Pls let me know notification of e sealing permission there is mentioned that merchant exporter also obtain e sealing permission after gst regeime

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We are 100% EOU EHTP unit we are importing raw material for Manufacturing of finished goods under Custom Notification No.52/2003, and We are also doing clearance in DTA. sale ,As per para.6.08 of FTP2015-20 and Trade circular No. 11/2018, EOU would be required to reversal of custom duty of inputs, used for such DTA Sale..
Please advise How much Basic Custom duty Exemption to be reversed for such DTA, sale .
For Ref: As per norms declared by DGFT or DEV. Commissioner or Input Out Put Norms Committee.to be reversed but we don't know rate and Formula How to calculate.
Please advise How much Basic Custom duty Exemption to be reversed of input , and calculation formula.of duty..
Usha Amorphous Metals Ltd

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10 April 2019 at 15:05

Meis benefit


My question is to Dr.RAMAKRISHNA. C (Expert) Sir, i work for an art gallery. last year we exported a painting for auction but this was the first time when we were entitled for MEIS Benefit but we inadvertently neither opted "YES" nor declared the "INTENT" in the affirmative (in wordings) in the shipping bill because we were not educated about it and we never claimed for MEIS Benefit earlier. Later we got the amendments within the shipping bill from Custom, wherein this "INTENT" was mentioned in the affirmative (in wordings) and MEIS Reward was made "YES". Even a Certificate of Amendment was issued to us stating followings:
AD Code - Before Amendment (NIL) - After Amendment (our AD Code was mentioned)
MEIS Reward - Before Amendment (NO) - After Amendment (yes)
Intention - Before Amendment (NA) - After Amendment (WE INTEND TO CLAIM UNDER MEIS FROM INDIA SCHEME)
Scheme Code - Before Amendment (99) - After Amendment (00)
This certificate was issued as per Section 149 of Customs Act, 1962

Now the matter stuck with DGFT; DGFT asked the Customs EDI Division to made available the same on EDI portal. We personally approached to Customs but as per their verbal communication to us, it is not possible to make the changes / amendments on the EDI portal.

Sir, I would like to request you to refer the following link, where '2019 ACR 50 High Court Madras' just gave a decision on the same matter:

I also investigated one more case, there Customs issued NOC to DGFT and on the basis of NOC DGFT released MEIS Reward/s.

Kindly guide us on the same. I will be very thankful to you Sir.

Note: all the above given references and figures are merely the part my personal investigation and based on my personal knowledge. This is not official and not to affect / harm any entity (my company and as well as any other company)


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08 April 2019 at 16:00

Change of address in iec code

We have applied for IEC Code change, now a material expected to land with new address what we should do.

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18 March 2019 at 17:43

Export incentive or drawback claim

Dear Sir,
We have exported to Nepal from India. We would like to avail the export incentive or dutydrawback. Could you please tell me the process to apply? What are the necessary documentation? Where to apply? Please advice me.
Thanks in advance.

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