18 March 2019 at 17:43

Export incentive or drawback claim

Dear Sir,
We have exported to Nepal from India. We would like to avail the export incentive or dutydrawback. Could you please tell me the process to apply? What are the necessary documentation? Where to apply? Please advice me.
Thanks in advance.

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i have icegate registration and old digital signature has been expired. i want to update new digital signature token on icegate portal. can anybody help me for the same.

thanks in advance.

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13 March 2019 at 19:37

Iec application incomplete

Hi. IEC online application process i completed almost . At the final step i could not click submit button since it disabled in mobile chrome browser. Please help in this

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07 March 2019 at 18:02

Msme rating

how to get msme rating for private ltd companies

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Dear Sir,

We have applied the EPCG for non payment of customs duty at the time of purchase of the asset,however we have not fulfilled the conditions required under EPCG.
Now we have to pay the half of customs duty utilised earlier.
what is the accounting treatment in the books

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I have a client who is based in Delhi Say AZ, He received an order from his Customer say ABC at London Uk to delivery a certain amount of goods to his customer at Dubai. My question is how to prepare a bill/ Shipping bill in this case as my customer (ABC) do not want to show his purchase price to his customer at Dubai. And if I prepare Bill as per his price then this amount will be wrong for me ( Higher amount for me ). Please clarify.

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15 February 2019 at 11:29

Bcd on dta sales by 100% eou

1. We are a 100% EOU - Listed in BSE/NSE - and operating in the Granite Industry
2. We currently operate two factories In India - one factory in South india is a 100% EOU and the other in rajasthan is a SEZ
3. The factory in South India was constructed in the year 2000 and consists of two separate distinct business lines that are connected with granite business. UNIT Slab – is predominantly concentrated on the polishing and processing of Granite Slabs. Unit Tiles – is predominantly concentrated on the polishing, processing and cutting of Granite tiles.
4. The production capacity as permitted by our nodal authority MEPZ SEZ Development Commissioner is as follows:
Product Name HSN Code Permitted capacity
Granite Slabs 2516-1200 640000 Sq. Meters
Granite Tiles 360000 Sq. Meters
Quartz (Artificial and engineered stones) 2506-2090 95000 Sq Meters.

5. Even though we are a 100% EOU we are permitted to sell in DTA (Domestic tariff Area) – 50% of our NFE of the previous year.
6. We have been able to get good prices with certain specific Domestic Customers and hence we currently undertake DTA sales to these customers.
7. Prior to GST implementation – for our dtA sales we were charging the following tax components (Example only)
DTA Sale value 100000
Add BCD @ 20% 20000
Less: % exemption vide notification 10/2008-cus dt 01.03.2008 10000
Net BCD 10000
Add 12.5% CVD on 110000 13750
Add Cess SHE 3% 713
Total Customs duty 24463
Add: CST 14.5% on 124463 18047
Total Invoice Value 142510

8. Post implementation of GST – for our DTA sales we are charging the following tax components:
DTA Sale value 100000
Add BCD @ 10% 10000
Add: social Welfare Surchage 10% on above 1000
Total Customs duty 11000
Add 18% IGST 19800
Total Invoice Value 130800

9. The rationale for charging BCD on DTA sale is drawn from Para 6.08 a(i) of Foreign Trade Policy (2015-2020) as amended in DECEMBER 2017. This is basically reversal of customs duty exemption availed on inputs for manufacturing such finished goods.

10. In detail with regard to availing exemption of BCD on imports

A. Import of Consumables and spare parts
I. After Issue of po to vendor schedule of delivery intimated to our Commercial team
II. Commercial team initiates the procurement of certification of the declaration under Annexure III forming part of the Import of goods under customs (Import of goods at concessional rate of duty) rules, 2017.
III. Our commercial team member visits the customs office in Coimbatore and gets this annexure certified by the JC or DC of customs. (Copy of the same given)
IV. Once material is received at the port of discharge –the certified ANNEXURE III is sent to clearing agent who files the same with the customs at the port of discharge and based on this filing the imported item is not charged any customs duty.

B. Import of Plant and machines / Capital goods
I. After Issue of Capital goods PO to vendor- schedule of delivery intimated to our Commercial team
II. Permission for import of Capital goods is taken from MEPZ SEZ Dev. Commissioner.
III. Company executes a Bond in B-17 with the commissioner of Central excise for procurement of the above capital goods without payment of Duty (Nil rate of duty) vide notification no. 52/2003(I-1) and the said Excise department issues a certificate for import of the capital items without payment of customs duty.
IV. Once material is received at the port of discharge –the certificate above is sent to clearing agent who files the same with the customs at the port of discharge and based on this filing the imported Capital goods is not charged any customs duty.

11. This is the basic tax structure and regime under which we currently operate and the same is also applicable when we sell scrap of consumables and steel in DTA from our manufacturing process.

12. Two types of scrap is generated by our company –
a. Used diamond wires which are both Imported (without payment of duty) and local (payment of GST)
b. Steel blades used in gangsaw machines that are used to cut the granite blocks. Steel blades are 100% imported from Italy without payment of Customs duty.

13. Based on the above we are seeking your professional opinion on the applicability of the Charging of BCD on DTA invoice.
The queries that we would like to be answered in this professional opinion are as follows:
Based on an interpretation of the current applicable indirect tax laws on both our EOU and SEZ units:
a. Whether we are required to charge BCD on all our DTA sales (Both normal granites + Scrap)
b. If BCD is to be charged – then kindly explain the applicable rates at which we need to charge the BCD and the manner of payment / method of payment of BCD to the credit of the Central government
c. If BCD is not to be charged – a detailed legal analysis with reference to the applicable laws/acts/notifications that supports the non-charging of BCD. Also advise us on the amount of BCD so far collected but not remitted to the credit of the Central government? Whether we can reverse the same and credit our P&L. If we need to remit the above BCD collected to credit of Central Government the manner of payment / method of payment of BCD to the credit of the central government.
d. Whether we are required to charge GST on All our DTA sales
i. If yes – the rate at which GST is to be charged
ii. Whether it is IGST only or in case of within the state sale – SGST + CGST
iii. Rate at which it is to be charged.
e. DTA sale of Scrap – what duties and taxes are to be charged
i. For Scrap of Imported consumbles/Steel blades on which no Customs duty has been paid
ii. For Scrap of Consumables procured locally on which GST has been paid

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12 February 2019 at 11:39

Outstanding balance in form msme1

I want to know how the 2 situations mentioned below will dealt with in respect of reporting of outstanding balances as on 22/01/2019 to MSME in Form MSME-1 to be filed with ROC:
1. If we have not paid an MSME party since it has not filed the GST Returns of the bills of which we have taken input credit of GST amount.
2. If the outstanding balance is on account of Retention or Performance

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28 January 2019 at 15:48

Claim of drawback export

Hi one of my client forgot to fill claimable shipping bill
and is there any remedy available while still they can claim export drawback

Need answer urgently

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22 January 2019 at 10:10

Samples imported

Whether value of Samples to be accounted anywhere or Whether any workings to be prepared for FEMA / RBI Compliance? Please Clarify

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