12 November 2023 at 12:16

Scn u/s 144 of the income tax act

Is the issue scn u/s 144 of income tax act in nov 2023 is valid if the escaped income of capital gains sale consideration is more than 50l and after taking the indexed cost of acquisition is less than 50L for the AY 2016-17. Notice u/s 142 is issued in MArch 2023 and is not responded. Kindly clarify

Thanks in advance

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Dev S
24 June 2023 at 23:43

ITT -Icitss project topic

Is Li-Fi technology a good topic for my ITT training project?

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what is difference between
paste and Drop-down Formula in excel

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25 September 2021 at 08:44

Purchase Register

Dear Sir

In Tally Prime Display-Accounts-Purchase Register Has to come. Sales Register is comming. But suddenly yeaterday onwards only Purchase Register Is missing. All Datas are there. Notthing Missing. How to activate Purchase Register Sir.

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03 August 2021 at 16:54

Maternity leave calculation

We are a Software development Pvt.Ltd. Company at Pune., want to know the exact calculation for the employee who is on maternity leave and wants to join back after 3 months. Is the company is liable to pay performance incentives which were paid earlier extra than her salary per month. Actually not getting the term under maternity benefit act - a woman will be paid maternity benefit at the rate of her average daily wage in the three months preceding her maternity leave.

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14 October 2019 at 17:28

Data migration audit

can a ca without isa or disa or cisa degree carry data migration audit of a co-op bank ?

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07 August 2018 at 17:31

Search pan no. in tally

while creating a ledger in tally Add PAN No. Of party at the same time , but now want to search PAN No. of any party name is not known how to search PAN in Tally by any command please help.

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04 March 2018 at 16:04

Windows 7 & java issue

Whether the income tax utility for the assessment year 2017-18 will get opened only and only after installation of window 7. As at this moment of time Microsoft Window XP Professional Version 2002 has been installed in my computer, whether just because of XP utility of income tax return is not getting started.

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We have STPI unit where we have duty exempted capital goods. We now wish to remove them as they are outdated. Please let us know how to pay the duty liability in GST regime and remove the goods from unit.

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13 September 2017 at 22:19

Digital signature

Hi Sir/Madam
Actually i want to know about digital signature.Bcoz currently I'm facing a issue. I have e-pass dsc and I'm not able to sign a pdf docs using this dsc. I try this at on multiple system and changing java version as well change Adobe version but prob not solve so plz help mi. And one thing also in my friend pc it only work their it's only work on that one particular pc else it's not working

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