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Sanjay Joshi

We are two joint buyer in a construction linked one property flat valuing 52 lacs , Before June2024, 95% payment was made , the value of property is 52lac. The TDS 1 % is deposited from the PAN no of ist buyer only m now last payment of 5% is also made .
So should we co may last EMI TDS 1% also with Ist buyer PAN no Forms26QB or both buyer can deposite the TDS , In case of second buyer earlier no TDS was deducted . Also also Form16 B was also issued to builder as per the TDS deposited form ist Buyer .

28 May 2024 at 18:07

TDS Error is there solutions

C4 - Salary Correction
Other special allowances under section 10(14)

T_FV_6351 Applicable and Mandatory For Financial Year 202324 onwards 'Other special allowances under section 10(14)'.

gime solution any one


I am planning to buy a property and wanted to pay TDS through the e-paytax in www.incometax.gov.in. When filling Form 26QB, the Seller PAN was requested. On entering the PAN of the seller, i get the message "Error : User ID does not exist, Please Retry ". I have checked for the correctness of the PAN. Due to this, the data of seller does not appear and i am not able to continue with the TDS payment.
Any information to resolve this issue will be very helpful.
Thank you.


kollipara sundaraiah

A Doctor maintained a private hospital tax audit itr filed fees income rs:2 crores above.
Hospital registration mandatory udyam (msme)

Pradosh Prabhu Velguenker
21 May 2024 at 10:49


T_FV_6351 Applicable and Mandatory For Financial Year 202324 onwards 'Other special allowances under section 10(14)'

Sakshi Agarwal
16 May 2024 at 12:59

MOA/AOA of photography

kindly provide object clause of photography studio partnership business

Rahul Raj
09 May 2024 at 08:08

Person loan or withdrawal from gpf

As a government employee with an opening balance of 4,100,000 rupees in my GPF fund at an interest rate of 7.1%, I invest 20,000 rupees monthly. I'm considering taking a loan of 20 lakh rupees with an interest rate of 10.80% for 6 years. Should I take the loan or withdraw the same amount from my GPF fund? I'd appreciate suggestions from an expert.

Janardhan Torkad

Dear friends
I am a salaried employee as well as working as an insurance agent for Health Insurance Company.
Both Employer and Health Insurance company deducted my Professional Tax and paid to Maharashtra Government. So total Professional Tax paid to Government is Five Thousand(5000)
Is there any process to claim refund of Professional Tax?

Amit Sachan
28 April 2024 at 16:51

26QB related query

I have purchased an apartment and submitted form 26QB for a joint seller property. The seller took payment in one person and buyer deducted the tds on that payment to that one person on the request of seller. Now, after 1.5 years seller wish to correct TDS 1/2 & 1/2 of both holder of property. Due to credit of entire TDS on one seller, income tax department is wrongly calculating previous year tax. Is there any solution possible?

uma sharma

If i have purchased goods of rs 100 + gst 18 = 118 , my supplier allow me to sell at cost and reimburse me the the profit of 10 rs in each sale .
The reimbursement of rs 10 is shown as direct income or indirect (treating it as incentive) income tax and also suggest me gst implications from my side on this 10 rs.
If i treat it as direct income my income tax liability is lower . If i treat it as indirect my income tax liability would be highr

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