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meenakshi somasundaram
19 September 2023 at 21:56

Demat last date 30/9/2023

Is dematerializing physical form of shares possible after 30/Sep. 2023.
A company of which I am a shareholder. holds physical form of shares.
The company has been dissolved. I am trying to reinstate the company after coming to know of a left-out asset as a major shareholder.
Informed the Official liquidator, He has acknowledged the appeal.
I am moving in the High court.
The last date for dematerializing is 30.9.2023.
Do I stand a chance of retrieving the shares of ICICI which is the asset of the dissolved company?

Madan Singhal
22 August 2023 at 11:39

Dividend paid on foreign stock

A US-based company, referred to as Company X, is in the process of being acquired by Company Y. This acquisition is structured as a 50-50 deal, with a combination of cash and stock. Specifically, for each share of Company X, shareholders will receive a combination of cash and Company Y's stock. The cash portion is equal to 50% of the current value of Company X's stock, and the number of Company Y's shares received is determined by dividing 50% of the current value of Company X's stock by the current value of Company Y's stock.

Now, when it comes to the cash portion received by shareholders of Company X, this is being treated as a dividend. The US government imposes a 30% tax on this dividend amount. My concern is whether it's possible to recover or reclaim this deducted tax money. It appears incorrect to me to pay a 30% tax on what is essentially not a traditional dividend. Adjusting it with stock P&L will not yield any benefits.

Is there a way to potentially recover or mitigate this 30% tax without affecting your profits?

ashish marwah
08 August 2023 at 12:53


Dear All

I have a query regarding the de merger of the TATA chemical salt business to TATA consumer. I was holding 250 shares of TATA chemicals and received the 285 free shares of TATA consumer against the de merger of TATA chemicals. What should be my buy price of free TATA consumer shares which I received on 31st march 2020. This is regarding the capital gain calculation.


1) A foreign company wants to invest 100% in Equity shares of a running Indian Private Limited Company which is 100% export oriented.

2) Alternatively this Foreign company wants to give their foreign shares to the existing shareholders of the said Indian Pvt Ltd. Company.

Please advise me what compliances to be done in respect of RBI, ROC, and Income Tax.

Thelappillil Linson
17 July 2023 at 20:18


1. Do we have to report the assets upto 31 Mar 2023 or 31 Dec 2022 for the US stocks?
2. Please clarify whether the conversion rate used is the SBI TT buying rate as on the previous month.
3. Does the taxpayer need to submit a separate form 67 to obtain the foreign tax credits

sudipta das

Is UTI Fixed Term Income Fund Series XXXI - V (1174 Days) a Debt fund ?? Is it to be shown under other assets in ITR 2 for its sale ??

10 July 2023 at 16:09

Speculative or non specualtive


Need clarification on below points.

1. Trading in MCX commodity is speculative or non speculative? Trading in intraday or holing till the contract period does it change the nature of specualtive or non speculative?

2. In MCX commodity we select contract as either Future or options, can we say it is Futures and options?

3. Trading in NSE, futures is F & O?

4. In MCX commodity also Futures and in NSE also future does both transaction belongs to Future and options?

Pankaj Jain
27 June 2023 at 17:38

Off Market transaction

Sebi has recently put a category of shares under ESM category wherein trading is permitted once a week on Monday. We wish to buy some shares from off market of one of the company shares under ESM since their shares are under freez in last 1-2 trading weekly session so need your advice whether we can buy off market at the last traded price


1. Is any registration, license or certification mandatory for providing training/coaching for "Online Commodity Trading - profitable strategies" to interested persons or a fee, via online & offline mode?
2. I wrote to the SEBI requesting clarification, but they too failed to respond with a direct answer and instead asked me to go through the FAQ's for 'Investment Advisors' on their website. So my second question is does the above fall under an 'Investment Advisor' (IA)? If yes, how, because I will not be giving any investment advice & next I will be providing training only for Commodities and not Securities/Equity Stock market, so how will it fall under an 'IA'?
Thanks in advance for all who may respond.

Buchipalli Kowshik
13 June 2023 at 15:28

Sweat Equity Shares Issue

Can a company issue sweat equity shares for services to be received in future? Kindly quote with section

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