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We are importing material from China as follow:
Order is placed by us to Hongkong Dealer. The Hongkong dealer places order with China Dealer. The China dealer directly sends good to India from China. However in the above scenario, the Invoice on India is raised by Hongkong but the Certificate of origin has the name of China Dealer in 'Box 1-Consigner name' as the same is the manufacturing party and 'box 2 - Consignee name' has India's name. However the FTA benefit is being rejected by the custom authority on the ground that:
1. Box 1 - Consigner name should be same as the exporter name on the Invoice. However in our case the invoice is raised by Hongkong. But manufacturer is of China, Thus this arrangement of Third party trade is not accepted by custom
2. box 2- Consignee name should have 'to order' in case of Third party transaction. However as the same is not madatory the COO has Indian Company Name mentioned.
Thus in Third party trade scenario what should be the name specified in Box 1 and Box 2 which will be acceptable at customs?

14 March 2021 at 14:40

Scroll generation.

Dear Sir / Madam,

In aug-2020 exports have been made with IGST by us from JNPT, but by oversight in GSTR-1 shown it as letter of undertaking, during month of Sept-2020 error has been rectified through table 6A and the system also accepted but till today we could not get the refund of IGST. We enquired at ICEGATE, book the ticket but they are telling us that first scroll have to generate from customs and only than after refund can be release. contact made at JNPT over call and mail but could not get the result. Please guide us what we have to do for the IGST refund.

11 March 2021 at 13:12

A company within a Company

hello there,

please guide me through this query...

We run a Private Limited Company (Partnership) and as the business is growing we want to expand the business but there is a space constraint in our exiting unit so there is no option but to budge to a new location.

Now there are two options :-

1) To Form a company on new land with New name

pros - All new companies formed after oct 2019 come under new tax Slab ie 15% (currently we are 25%) also we can go through Subsidy

cons - but we have to bring up capital from our own pockets

2) To Form a company on new land by starting the new unit under exiting pvt company

Pros - The exiting plant can sponsor the new unit thus it will show up in expenses of balance sheet hence save tax

Cons - We cannot apply for any subsidy also we would still remain under 25% slab

i want solution wherein we can undergo subsidy come below 15% slab also the funds can be sponsored by the exiting unit

thanking in advance !!

09 March 2021 at 16:45

Can i get egm number iec wise/

For filling of gst refund on export of goods,igm ref & date required. can I get all igm numbers iec wise for a finacial year.I can derive manualy only one by one. Can i get wholl quickly

06 March 2021 at 16:51

Amendment FedEx Bill of entry

Please suggest, we have import goods through FedEx from China. Payment made to our china client.Client give the shipment to there courier agent. FedEx file BOE on the name of courier agent. Now Indian bank reject BRC. 

05 March 2021 at 19:51

Implication on High Sea Sales

Dear Professionals,

Our Company has received Import Invoice for purchase of Dies from UAE. Here the Dies are not physically imported in India but are supplied to Extrusion Plant in UAE. Extrusion plant is of same company from where the dies are made. In future as well those dies will not come to India and will be utilised fully in UAE.

What is the GST and Customs implications for the above in Accounting ?

04 March 2021 at 17:31


Dear All,

I need your help to find out guidelines, if any, issued by Customs about the documents required and process to be followed for finalisation of project import.

Pl. advise

we have done export from last few months but we are not receiving duty drawback automatically in our bank account.

Please let me know the procedure to claim duty drawback from customs department.

Please provide draft letter if possible.

22 February 2021 at 14:30

Custom duty on commission

our company is importing Raw material from out of india under high seas purchase. the party (indian) clearing the goods and levy his commission and issue invoice in his name with commission on material value. commission is not shown separately in invoice but added to material value and custom dept had levied duty on total value i.e. material value and commission (which is added to material value). i want to ask that whether duty is applicable on commission also ???


Can anyone please provide the format for 'Self-attested scanned copy of Authorised Letter ' in ICEGATE registration documentation same as IEC certificate?

Thank you.