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21 September 2021 at 11:03

HSN Clarification

Dear Friends,

I would like to know when the HSN No.85444290 was added into Customs Tariff. I have verified finance bill for the years 2019, 2020 & 2021 and could not able to find. Prior to 2019 this HSN was not there.

Can any one help me on this. Also advise me is there any other sources, other than finance bill / DGFT notification to find out the changes / additions in HSN

Thanks in advance

Varun Desai
19 September 2021 at 20:47

Icegate registration clarification

We are a partnership firm and have IEC code for the same. We have registered on icegate website as IEC Holder. After uploading the document for AD code registration on the icegate it has been rejected with reason as, supporting documents not forthcoming. Kindly suggest.

Ramesh S. Kansara
01 September 2021 at 20:50

Payment of insurance and freight in BOE

Who pays the amount of Insurance and freight while importing goods from outside the country?

Let us say
FOB - 10000 $
Freight - 200 $
Insurance - 112.5 $

These brings CIF - 10312.5 $

Importer is liable to pay the amount of FOB to seller but Insurance and freight are part of bill of Entry

Importer further pays to his CHA ( BCD, Surcharge and IGST) but buyer don't pay for insurance and freight.

But while maintaining books of account, seller account is credited as 10312.5 $ but he doesn't pay for it. Then how to close seller's account in importer's books of account?

Shailendra Bansal
27 August 2021 at 14:39

Export of software to Iran

We did export of software via datacom channel to Iran to Party A on 30/08/2015 for USD 1000 and payment received via Paypal, another export to Party B on 30/03/2018 for USD 2250 and payment received from 3rd party from Turkey and finally one more export to Party C on 14/09/2018 for USD 7000 and payment received from 3rd party from Turkey.

Our bank (Kotak Mahindra Bank) is refusing to regularise the Softex in the above three cases.

Please advise way forward. Thanks....................Shailendra Bansal

Hemkumar online

Dear Sir
We are SEZ Unit in Gujarat, during FY 2020-21 we have write off Rs 40 lakhs amounts payable to our foreign creditor in dollar. Whether this action makes violation of any custom provisions ??


The Company has 4 Unit in Gujarat. One of the Unit is 100% EOU.
The material has been imported at the unit which is not EOU on payment of custom duty and the same material is transferred (as such) to EOU unit which will be used in Export

Whether the company can avail the benefit of duty drawback or any other incentive for transferring material to EOU ??

Please provide the reference to provisions also

Thanks in advance !!!



I missed to add a commercial export invoice yesterday and submitted gstr1 for july without it.
How can I rectify this ? Can i submit it in August giving July date?

Please let me know. Thanks.

10 August 2021 at 18:00

Accounting head for CHA bill

We have received the cargo clearing house bill and they have paid the stamp duty charges also ,

we want to know the proper accounting head for booking this bill and GST rcm also applicable on the reimbursement of stamp duty they have paid and what is the tds applicable on kind of bill.

Is this bill cost also include in the stock value .

please help us to reply on this .


thanks &

Rakesh Mondal


I shipped one Handloom Item to Bangladesh. The courier company informed that customs duty to be paid by the customer is more than (almost double) the invoice value. The customer is refusing to pay the customs duty and release the item.
My query is: If I get the shipment returned by the courier company, do I need to pay and tax/ duty in either Bangladesh or India?


Rajesh Kumar

In one of our shipment from France, fright forwarder mention wrongly mention their company name in AWB and on the basis of AWB wrong name mentioned on BOE also. now bank is required correct supplier name for payment to supplier.

please help any one

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