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24 May 2021 at 22:25

HSN 9018 vS 9033

We are clearing lot of parts & accessories related to medical devices under 9018 by paying additional health cess of 5% .. Need to understand whether medical manufactures are allowed to clear parts & accessories which is used solely for medical devices under 9033 , by saving additional health cess of 5% .

As per my Understanding, if parts & accessories are not mentioned else were under chapter 90, then the same can be groped under 9033. If i group parts & accessories which is solely used for medical devices under 9033 for clearance, then will there arise any objection from customs.

24 May 2021 at 21:20

Used Car Import Duty Rate

Respected sir, i am import car from Foreign, Second Hand Car? Import Duty of Used Car sir Approximately sir, advance thanks sir

We are 100% Export oriented undertaking . We have imported duty free capital goods . Know we want to sell these capital goods as scrap.

What will be levied whether GST or Custom Duty.

What is the procedure to be applied in customs

Assume in F.Y 2019-20, If A Party paid USD 1000@70/- in term of Indian Rs. 70,000 and later on he received the assets @75/- i.e.75,000/-. Now the Difference should be capitalized.
But They did not capitalized in 2019-20. Instead of it the difference amount of Rs. 5,000 has been capitalized in F.Y 2020-21.
Now how can i Handle this. What will be exact treatment of this.

I have a DSC Class3, authorisation letter from company, a valid adhaar card. Now how to register with ICE gate to avail deferred duty payment. I am struck up at IEC holder/ IEC Authorised person, as system is asking for Licence.

30 March 2021 at 13:10

Stpi registration & license procedure

Hi, can anyone tell me where will I find these Other supporting documents which we need to attach while STP registration:
 Form 32
 Form 18

And can I submit previous year Signed Financial statements or Estimated Financial statements instead of Projected one?

Thanks in Advance.

(This is the checklist which they provided us.
Supporting documents to be uploaded online along with application:
1. Memorandum and Article of Association
2. Board Resolution for setting up the STP/EHTP Unit and persons authorized to sign.
3. Promotor / Director Profile
4. IEC copy
5. PAN copy

6. Project report / Company profile
7. Copy of Lease / Rental Agreement
8. Financial statement like:
 Cost or Project & Means of finance
 Projected P&L A/c.
 Projected balance sheet
 Projected cash flow / fund flow statement
 Export working – (As per Transfer Pricing guidelines in the case of subsidiaries)
9. Other documents like:
 Copy of Master / Service agreement signed with parent company / clients.
 Form 32
 Form 18
 Bank Certificate copy with AD code
10. Floor plan.
11. A letter stating Investment (plants & machinery) for Next 5 Yrs)

26 March 2021 at 17:21



26 March 2021 at 10:17

Import payment

As per RBI regulations, import payment has to be made within 6 months from the date of shipment.
Can anyone please clarify me what should be considered as date of shipment ?
Also state the reason for the same.

25 March 2021 at 17:14

Import Payment for Pre IDPMS Period

Can anyone suggest in case of lost bill of Entry ( Exchange Control Copy) if i would like to make import payment with the duplicate copy of BOE duly signed and stamped by Deputy commissioner with the message for bank purpose only , will it be a legit document for import payment or AD bank still needs to obtain RBI Approval - looking forward your quick response

We are importing material from China as follow:
Order is placed by us to Hongkong Dealer. The Hongkong dealer places order with China Dealer. The China dealer directly sends good to India from China. However in the above scenario, the Invoice on India is raised by Hongkong but the Certificate of origin has the name of China Dealer in 'Box 1-Consigner name' as the same is the manufacturing party and 'box 2 - Consignee name' has India's name. However the FTA benefit is being rejected by the custom authority on the ground that:
1. Box 1 - Consigner name should be same as the exporter name on the Invoice. However in our case the invoice is raised by Hongkong. But manufacturer is of China, Thus this arrangement of Third party trade is not accepted by custom
2. box 2- Consignee name should have 'to order' in case of Third party transaction. However as the same is not madatory the COO has Indian Company Name mentioned.
Thus in Third party trade scenario what should be the name specified in Box 1 and Box 2 which will be acceptable at customs?