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Sfm- not my cup of tea


Querist : Anonymous

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Querist : Anonymous (Querist)
Hi Experts/Colleagues

I am in CA-Final, Last attempt score for Group-1 were 47/24/36/36 (Not worked hard for these exams)
as i am in full time employment. (10 Am to 6 Pm).....but ready to & already devoting 5am to 9am & 8pm to 10pm) since last 1.5 months (Completed Audit & Law topics @ 60%) but have not touched FR & SFM yet.

on 1st August i started preparation of SFM & solved Dividend Policy from PM & SM as well but later on i got frustrated that SFM is not my cup of tea and i can not crack SFM even for 40 Marks.

Because i am not able to understand from which books i should cover questions.(Already taken coaching from Sanjay Saraaf Sir)
Should i cover ONLY SM/PM questions? is it sufficient?
How to read theory? how much theory should be covered?
Not able to grab Derivatives/Forex (totally DUMB in these chapters)
Even after completing dividend questions, not confident
Ohh...new type of question in RTP/XYZ book etc etc.
How to solve this? or new way to solution etc etc

This is resulting in Frustration/pushing me towards Failure and affecting my studies as well.

How to overcome out of this situation as if this will remain continue for more 3-4 days it will force me to skip this attempt which i don't want.

Thanks in advance for your sincere reply/advice.

Hey don't be so frustrated. Its ok you can not understand it. Everyone has some problem with specific subject. You are facing trouble with SFM and you realised it so early. So atleast you can prepare well. I think you should keep this subject daily. Looking at your job plus Study, hope you will able to devote atleast 2-3 hours daily. I think you completed coaching from well known faculty. Rest of thing you can do is try to make notes for every new question you will face (you may use stick notes) as it will help to understand point last moment when preparing for exam. Forex is very important topic you can not leave it bcz it will cost you approx. 20-25 marks. You can take help of your friends or seniors. Derivative is something difficult to understand as many people said it. But I think you can atleast prepare theory and basic questions which is not as difficult to understand. you started with Dividend chapter. I think good beginning. Just try to understand logic behind formula and assumptions behind it in every topic. you will definitely get over your fear and will get some confidence. Currently you are going through situation which is normal while preparing for exam. Becuase at some stage you will definitely face this situation. Don't worry for it. Just prepare for such situations if you face in future. For now I think you are doing study more than enough. Just try to Find some reason for your personal life. It might look waste of time but it will really help you to free yourself till exam. You can even read some motivational books ir watch some old or new movies which you always like. Don't always think for study. You are currently going through such phase which is normal to everyone. Just free yourself. I forget you can give mock exam before test in exam environment bcz it will really help you to evaluate yourself. and for now you can join some library or group study which will help you to remove your fear. Just prepare well with concepts and don't avoid all theory. Don't ever think of Skipping this or any attempt becuase when you do this 1st time then you will always think of doing same when you fall into such situations. Just try to figure out what can be done I think you will learn lots of things during this phase which will help you to overcome many situations in your life. All the best. God Bless you.

thanks a lot sir now i have moved to new approach under which i will solve all the sums which i can solve and will mark typical questions for revision later on.

Yes glad to know. Dont afraid of anything. it might look difficult for a moment but believe me SFM will be reason for passing.

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