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Refund in GST without payment of tax

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24 June 2024 rror while uploading the refund json viz "The return period in uploaded JSON file does not match the return period for which Refund application is created".

10 July 2024 The error you're encountering typically arises when there is a mismatch between the return period specified in the JSON file you are uploading and the return period for which the refund application was created in the GST portal. Here’s how you can address this issue:

1. **Check Return Periods**: Ensure that the JSON file you are uploading specifies the correct return period that matches the refund application you created. The return period refers to the specific month and year for which the GST return is being filed (e.g., March 2023).

2. **Verify Refund Application**: Double-check the refund application details on the GST portal. Make sure that the refund application was indeed created for the same return period as mentioned in your JSON file.

3. **Correct JSON File**: If you identified that the JSON file has an incorrect return period, you need to correct it. Update the JSON file with the correct return period before attempting to upload it again.

4. **Upload Process**: When you upload the JSON file again, ensure that all details, including the return period, match exactly with what was specified when creating the refund application on the GST portal.

5. **Consult GST Helpdesk**: If you continue to face issues despite correcting the return period in your JSON file, consider reaching out to the GST helpdesk or support team. They can provide specific guidance or assistance in resolving technical issues related to filing refunds.

In summary, ensuring the alignment of the return period in your JSON file with the refund application created on the GST portal is crucial to avoid the "return period mismatch" error during the upload process. Double-checking and correcting any discrepancies should resolve the issue effectively.

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