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How to find out EPCG Licence duty debit value from Bill of Entry out of charge copy (OOC).

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24 January 2024 Dear All,

Can anyone help me on How to find out EPCG Licence duty debit value from Bill of Entry out of charge copy (OOC).

Thanks & Regards

09 July 2024 To find out the EPCG (Export Promotion Capital Goods) License duty debit value from the Bill of Entry Out of Charge copy (OOC), follow these steps:

1. **Identify EPCG License Number**:
- Locate the EPCG License number associated with the import transaction for which you need to find the duty debit value. This number is crucial as it links the import to the specific EPCG scheme.

2. **Check OOC Copy**:
- Obtain a copy of the Bill of Entry Out of Charge (OOC). This document should detail the customs duties paid and other relevant information related to the import.

3. **Look for EPCG Duty Debit Details**:
- In the OOC copy, search for specific sections or fields that mention duty debits related to the EPCG License. This information is typically found under the customs duty payment sections or the remarks section of the Bill of Entry.

4. **Verify Customs Duty Payments**:
- Verify that the customs duties mentioned in the OOC match the duty debit value specified in the EPCG License. This ensures that the duties paid align with the benefits availed under the EPCG scheme.

**Consult with Customs Authorities**:
- If you encounter difficulty locating the duty debit value or require further clarification, consider consulting with customs authorities. They can provide guidance on interpreting the OOC and understanding the duty debit related to the EPCG License.

**Documentation and Record Keeping**:
- Maintain a copy of the OOC, along with any correspondence or notes related to the duty debit value for future reference and audit purposes.

By following these steps and carefully reviewing the Bill of Entry Out of Charge copy, you can find the EPCG License duty debit value and ensure compliance with customs regulations and EPCG scheme requirements.

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